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January 29, 2017

How to fix broken makeup in 2 min: eyeshadow, compact powder, lipstick

Today I'd like to share with you a couple of life-changing makeup hacks that will allow you to fix your broken makeup in 2 mins! They work on any powder makeup (eyeshadows, compact powder, blush, bronzer) and lipsticks. Let me know in the comments if you're going to try them out!


January 19, 2017

Ariana Grande hair tutorial: TOP 5 hairstyles in 2-5 minutes!

In my new video I'll show you step by step the most quick and easy techniques to recreate TOP 5 Araina Grande hairstyles than can be done in 2-5 minutes:

- double space buns (twisted and braided)
- simplified half ponytail
- sleek half bun
- chic and glamorous high ponytail
- braided bun (top knot)

Let me know what other celebrity hairstyle you'd like me to recreate and if you'd like a version of these hairstyles for thin hair. They wouldn't look identical to Ariana's, but quite similar and very cute :)

❤ Get my Glam Time clip-in hair extensions on http://www.GlamTimeHair.com to be able to recreate all my hairstyles for long hair. I talk about them in detail in http://bit.ly/glamtimeinfo

Mentioned videos:
- Ariana Grande SIGNATURE half ponytail https://youtu.be/ODsLCuxKIoU 
- PERFECT hight ponytail with extenions https://youtu.be/EGbyczAZExI 

In this video I'm wearing brown contact lens: Misaki Natsumi Brown. 
My natural eyes are very light and these contacts make them appear slightly darker :)

By the way, I've found out that my videos don't always show up in everyone's subscription feed on YouTube and many subscribers don't see my new videos ever at all (if you don't like/comment for a while, YouTube starts to hide new uploads from channels you don't interact with and shows you "suggested" videos instead, they basically choose whatever they consider to be "relevant" for you based on how you behave on YouTube in terms of likes/comments). The solution: hit the BELL symbol ⍾ next to the "subscribed" button to let YouTube know that you don't want to miss my new videos! And of course, don't forget to like and comment if you enjoy what you see :)


June 12, 2016

SUMMER HAIRSTYLE: braided boho half updo + MALDIVES

Hi guys!

Today I'm sharing with you some more photos from my Maldives vacation. I posted a photo of this  bohemian chic hairstyle quite a while ago, many of you have requested a tutorial on this hairdo. Finally I found some time to film a tutorial ;) Hope you're going to like it!

If you try it out, show me your recreations of Instagram with @LilithMoonLife #LilithMoonHair

February 21, 2016

Black Chic: Sicilian Widow look

Hey guys! Today I'm posting another OOTD and I can't help but call this look a "Sicilian Widow" :)))

Midi dresses are back in style yet for some reason I had a problem finding a good one.  You can see them in magazines, but not many stores have nice flattering models. Finally I was lucky to get my
Racer Midi Dress from 2020AVE.com - it fits me perfectly and has a strategically placed lining which ensures smooth curves and hides all your little secrets ;)

Since last summer I've been on a quest for black lace up shoes and found my perfect pair on Public Desire. The model I'm wearing is called Mirella Stiletto

To complete my look, I only needed a statement necklace :) I totally fell for a gorgeous Art Deco inspired piece from the Happiness Boutique. The choice was really hard since they have soooo many items, all super trendy and beautiful. Happiness Boutique are simply awesome, because
- they offer free shipping (a very quick one too, I received my package after 4 days, sent from Berlin) - they also host bi-monthly giveaways - you can enter HERE for your chance to win a necklace or a pair of earrings.
- they have an awesome customer reward program where you have a chance to win gifts
Feel free to use my discount code "lilithmoon" to get 10% off your orders. Just insert the code "lilithmoon" at checkout to get a 10% discount for orders over 19 euros. It is valid until thne 8th of March.

February 17, 2016

New falsies: "Audrey Hepburn" by Sheena Sujan

Today I'd like to show you my new favorite false lashes: "Audrey Hepburn" by Sheena Sujan (currently they are available for as cheap as $4.50). They are as dramatic as I like my falsies to be in order to make a statement yet they are discreet enough at the same time. I've been looking for something I could wear not only for photos and photo shoots, but also for my nights out ...without feeling too lash-conscious, if you know what I mean :) The design "Audrey Hepburn" by Sheena Sujan is exactly what I needed! Normally I'd wear them with quite a dramatic makeup: dark smokey eyes or a winged eye liner, but today I thought I'd show them to you with as little eye makeup as possible so that you get a better idea of what they look like :)

Price/quality ratio is simply awesome! So far I worn these lashes around 10 times and I think they'll easily last me another 10 wears. Maybe more. But I have to remember to be careful and delicate when cleaning them up and removing extra glue - that's when I usually ruin my falsies lolol

My hairstyle is a fusion of 2 tutorials: it starts as a double braid and continues as a stacked braid. Click on the links to watch my tutorials ;)

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