September 24, 2011

All about my hair

Updated 29 Aug 2013.

In this post I'll try to answer all frequently asked questions about my hair type, color, care and styling products. If I'll miss something, please let me know in comments below :) You can also read my entire hair story

My natural hair is on the oily side, it is totally straight and very thin. I guess this is what makes it soft, shiny and naturally frizz-free. I blow dry my hair only on special occasions when I want some extra volume at my roots and I'm very moderate in using high temperature tools too. On a casual daily basis I only go for overnight curling techniques that do not involve heat and I believe this really helps to preserve my hair healthy. At the moment my hair is shoulder length, so whenever you see it long and thick, I'm wearing Glam Time clip-in hair extensions. In the following video I answer all frequently asked questions about hair extensions usage and care.

I was born with dark blonde hair... I havn't seen it for ages but from I remember it is quite similar to the color on this photo

I've already tried most natural and unnatural hair colors one can imagine (blue and green are the only ones left behind), and till I started having my hair bleached to platinum blonde in 2009, I never even had to use a hair conditioner, it would simply overload my hair. I would still apply it every once in a while just on my ends, just for the sake of it :)

Till recently my hair was bleached and toned every 5-6 weeks, and everyone kept on asking me how did I keep it in such a good condition despite all the strong chemicals and stuff. I have two answers to that.

One, a good colorist. Once I tried to bleach my hair myself and it was a total disaster... then I've also modeled for different hairdressers and they too abused my hair to the point I decided I won't model for colorists ever again! When they'd try to do my roots, they would always fail to match them with the color of my remaing hair - my roots would either end up brassy yellow or greyish white. I don't know what is worse... yellow looks cheap, while white is oh-so-damaging for my poor hair! And when they'd try to tone my hair down, they'd make it look all dull and lifeless. Apparently matte (=dull) hair is a big hair trend these days that they were showing off on my hair, but it's so far from what I consider beautiful...

Finally, I found a colorist that knew how to use bleach lol. He started to bleach my hair with L'Oreal Blondys with 30 vol developer leaving it on my hair for 50 mins. This purple liquid worked magic compared to white powder bleach either from L'Oreal or Wella that was used on my hair before and never fully met my expectations. After bleaching, my hair was toned with L'Oreal toners, usually it's a mix of P0, P01 and P02.

Two, my hair type. As I mentioned before, my hair is naturally quite oily and even though bleaching does dry it out to a certain extent, I quite like the texture that it gives to my hair. My natural hair is super smooth, silky and flat which makes it difficult to style, while bleached hair is rougher and appears fuller.

I guess my hair type is just bleach-friendly, though after 3 years of bleaching I noticed that my ends have gotten quite fragile. And in fact, the condition of my hair has really worsened after a 2-week vacation in Maldives where I was diving every day, twice a day. Salt+sun+wind have damaged my hair like nothing ever before. For the first time in 3 years of bleaching, my ends started to feel dry and I noticed that they are gradually breaking off. There is no product that can really repair your hair (I just keep on trimming my ends every 6 weeks while growing out healthier hair), but using a right conditioner you can make your hair appear healthy and feel smooth from one wash to another. So every time I wash my hair I use one of the following products:

1. L'Oreal hair conditioner that comes with Récital Préférence hair dye. It's my mom who buys it, she doesn't need a conditioner, so she gives it to me. I madly love this product for the comfort of use and for the results it has on my hair. I wish it was possible to buy it separately from the hair dye, but unfortunately L'Oreal doesn't seem to hear my prayers. They have other products that I use (those listed below are quite good), but still not as good as this one.

2. Shu Uemura Full Shimmer hair mask is super expensive (twice cheaper is you buy it online!) but probably it's the best product I ever tried along with (1).

3. L'Oreal Ever Strong hair mask. This one is one of my most recent discoveries and surprisingly I'm more happy with this product than with most professional ones.

4. L'Oreal Force Vector hair mask.

5. John Frieda Sheer Blonde conditioner for lightest blondes. I don't see how it affects my color, but I quite like the texture of this product.

To get the best effect from these products, you can apply them on your towel dried hair and cover your head with a shower cap and then with a towel. Wait for ~1 hour, and once you rinse your hair afterwards, it should be super soft and smooth. Whenever I do it, I just cannot stop touching my hair lol Though I don't do it too often, otherwise my hair is too flat and difficult to style.

I started from hair conditioners and not from shampoos because I can never notice any particular effect of a shampoo on my hair. I simply choose any that foams well and these days it's either John Frieda Sheer Blonde that I use to wash my hair every 3 days or so, or L'Oreal Ever Strong. I really like Ever Strong, because it foams really well and easily removes even thick Castor oil that I recently use for hair growth (I started using it very recently and I'll write another post about it if I see any results.)

If I plan to style my hair and want to make it easy, I texturize my hair with one of the following products. For people with soft and silky smooth hair like mine, they are life savers :)

1. Wella SP Volumagic. This product is my No.1 Must-Have. I apply it on towel-dried hair and then blow dry my hair with my head upside down. This gives an incredible lift to my roots and a perfect texture for styling. I just love how it gives the feeling of volume and thickness without overloading my hair.

2. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Volume Boost Volume Lotion. I use it just like Wella SP Volumagic and it also gives fantastic results.

When it comes to hairsprays, I find it very important to use rather light and flexible ones that look natural (invisible), do not glue my hair together and are easy to brush out. These are my favorite ones:

1. Schwarzkopf Got2B Happy hour.

2. L'Oreal Infinium Queen.

Hope this info helps, and do let me know what are your favorite products and hair tips in the comments below!

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