October 29, 2011

Cute Halloween hairstyles

Many of you were asking me to suggest some cute Halloween hairstyles, so here's my selection of tutorials that you could use to style your hair as a goddess, fairy, angel, nymph, princess, ...

Let's start from updos that work great on medium long hair.

The following greek goddess look is quite easy to achieve with my twist-and-pull technique and it's perfect for curly hair.

For the next hairstyle you're going to need a hairband and just a couple of minutes of your time if your hair is already wavy or curly. For the best result, you want your hairband to be rather loose than tight, I got mine in H&M.

To create the following look, you simply need to twist your hair all around your head adding some hair to your twist as you go. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get a hold of it, it's really easy, trust me :) If you think your hair is too long or too thick for this look, you can put it into a side ponytail or a side rope braid instead of twisting it all around your head.

For the following somewhat medieval look you have to firstly form two braids and them flip them out and secure in place creating an elegant and unique low bun.

The gorgeous hairstyle inspired by Heidi Klum won't take much time if your hair is already wavy or curly.

I must admit that the next hairstyle is rather challenging to do on your own hair as you can't really see what you're doing at the back of your head and your hands get tired after a while. Luckily, it's easy to do on someone else's hair, so with some help from a friend, sister or mother it can be done in several minutes of regular dutch lace braiding :)

The following hairstyles work equally well on medium and long hair.

A classic waterfall braid has all to takes to add some magic to your hair :)

To adapt the following look to shorter hair, skip the side braid and put your hair into a small side ponytail or a bun. A flower accessory over or around it is all you need to complete this look.

And here is a selection of hairstyles for those of you with longer hair.

A very unique multilevel side swept waterfall braid.

A simplified version of the braid above where you need to create a multilevel dutch braid instead of a waterfall braid.

Of all romantic looks, the following one is probably the easiest ever.
I left my hair straight, but this hairstyle will look equally great on wavy or curly hair.

An easy yet very feminine half up hairstyle with braids and teased crown.

If you'd like to wear your hair down, you can dress it up with a knotted decoration on one or both sides of your head.

For the following look, you firstly need to twist your hair on both sides and then merge it together into a fishtail braid. If you find it difficult to fishtail braid your hair at the back, you can always replace the braid with a regular ponytail and then curl it for that extra "umph" :) A flower accessory will really complement your ponytail in this case.

For the braided hairstyles inspired by Kim Kardashian you're going to need a thin scarf ...or a cut of textile from a local store. That's what I got :)

Thanks for watching!
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