June 14, 2013

My hair story

Once upon a time...

Believe it or not, as a teenager, I used to feel really bad about my hair. I thought it was too thin, too straight and too flat for any hairstyle other than a ponytail. I felt really disadvantaged and if someone told me back then that I had what it takes to become a "hair guru" I would laugh in their face! I considered my hair no styling material whatsoever. But things that are beyond our reach always tend to be the most desirable ones, so secretly I was still dreaming about gorgeous hairstyles. I'd give a lot to learn a couple of a hair tricks, but beauty secrets used to be those best kept ones. They were a kind of a personal signature that no one would be willing to reveal unless mildly tortured ;)

One day I decided to try myself in modeling and to my great surprise I started receiving offers to model for hair stylists. That's when I got totally shocked to see how they could transform my hair into amazingly stunning updos, not to mention they'd do it in a matter of minutes! Sometimes I was told that my hair was perfect for styling and even though I wouldn't believe it at first (and I still have some serious doubts about it lol), witnessing countless transformations from zero to hero I started to realize that perhaps it's all about skills? Watching how hairdressers were styling my hair for shows and workshops,  I learned how to make it appear fuller in romantic curly updos and gosh, I was sooo happy about it! Initially these curly updos were my only go-to look. My hair was still too thin for braids, while half updos would consume most of my hair volume and looked rather sad than flattering.

But here came my second revelation: I discovered clip-in extensions! That's when my entire creative potential really got unleashed lol With my extensions I could finally try out all the looks that I've been dreaming about for so many years - starting from a basic fishtail braid and all sorts of curls to more elaborate half updos and buns. The time has come to make all my hair wishes come true, so I fanatically kept on trying out all sorts of hairstyles. Hairstyling became my official obsession :)

Sometimes I wonder, what if I were born with naturally thick hair? Would I have the same passion for hair styling? Or would I take my hair for granted or even come up with some nonsense to complain about? So far every "hair goddess" that I met has always complained about her hair, which of course, I could never comprehend... But one thing that I know for sure is that *any* type of hair has its own potential and advantages, so we should focus on those rather than seek for faults! Thick hair is perfect for braids, down dos and half up half down hairstyles, thin hair is great for all sorts of updos - it is very easy to secure, never feels heavy any doesn't make you feel hot in summer. Natural waves/curls provide an awesome texture to work with, while straight hair has a beautiful glossy finishing. I'm really happy that I finally learned to appreciate my own hair and I hope that I've inspired you a little bit to love yours! :)

Now what is this YouTube thing?

About 4 years ago I've discovered the entire YouTube beauty community completely by chance. I was watching a music video and some beauty tutorial popped up in the related videos section. At that time there were hardly any hair tutorials on YouTube and those very few available were very well received by the viewers. I immediately felt a calling to make my own contribution and share my knowledge with all those girls who wanted to have pretty hair, but just like myself some time ago, did not have a clue how to go about it. At first I wasn't sure if I was comfortable going *that* public, but after 6 months of hesitation, I finally couldn't resist my calling any longer and filmed my first videos. I still remember them - Lada Gaga and Beyonce inspired hairstyles from their "Telephone" video :) My videos were very well received by the viewers and their kind feedback kept on motivating me to make new videos ever since :)

Secret of success?

Here I have to thank my dear viewers for their precious feedback! When viewers find what they are looking for, they subscribe and come back for more, so I always do my best  to stay connected with my audience and create content that meets their needs. I try to recreate the most wanted looks that they request and I use their suggestions to improve my content. My main goal is to keep my tutorials easy to follow, straight to the point and relatively simple to do in a reasonable amount of time.


Hardly any... No, seriously, I think at this point only 1 viewer in 100 000 feels obliged to inform me about how bad they feel about me for such or such reason. And whatever is their reason to dislike me, there are always many times more people who say that they like me for that exact same reason! This just shows that you cannot please everyone, so no need to worry about it :) There used to be more haters when I just started, and sometimes I'd get shocked by rudeness of certain comments. You know,  in "real" life it's rather unthinkable to approach a stranger and point out what is that you dislike about his or her looks etc, so you don't have a clue what other people can possibly think about you. But when it comes to YouTube, the "comments" section below each video might appear to some  viewers as an invitation to point out everything they perceive as a flaw, even if these flaws have nothing to do with the topic of the video. I think that by now I've already received any possible sort of criticism and I learned to filter out somewhat tactless yet constructive suggestions from groundless hostility. I use constructive suggestions to improve my videos and ignore real haters - after all, their opinion does not define anything but their own mentality. 

What's next?

More hair tutorials, that's for sure! But then also some DIY, make-up and nail videos. I receive more and more requests to film such videos and every once in a while it's fun to do something other than hair. I also think of making tutorials in languages other than English, perhaps I'll start from Russian and French and see how it goes.

Be inspired!

Those of you who are new to hair styling often ask me for advice on how to get good in it, and I think the most important is to approach hair styling with a positive attitude! Don't expect to succeed on your first try, not even of the 5th one. Hair styling is a craft and it takes time to reach a certain level. Spend as much time as it takes mastering a particular technique and don't be too harsh on yourself. The only thing you should know is that eventually you will get there. Keep on trying - practice and patience is all you need.

Many people give up way too fast. Having failed after a single attempt, they consider their task undoable. That's a big mistake. From my own experience I can tell you that most of the time I succeeded not because I was already skilled or got lucky, but because I kept on trying, learning and improving. Very often success came when I was just about to give up, so afterwards I was really glad that I didn't and feel totally rewarded by the final result. Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn!

Finally, try to think out of the box! When you see a certain look done on hair that you think is quite different from your own, don't assume that this look is not for you, but try to use it as an inspiration and adapt it to your own hair. Over 90% of girls who comment "my hair is too thick/thin/short/dark/straight/curly for this hairstyle" are just being lazy :p

So here are just a couple of ideas to inspire you:

  • You can still try a look presented on straight hair on your naturally wavy/curly hair - you'll surely get a somewhat different look which will be softer and messier, but then again that's really on trend these days, so just take advantage of it! And -->
  • If you cannot yet achieve that perfect sleek finishing, go for an intentionally messy look. 
  • If you want to recreate a curly look while and you own hair is naturally straight and you don't like to use heat on it,  curl it with braids, buns, twists or soft rollers overnight. 
  • Girls with naturally thin and flat hair will also hugely benefit from curling it!
  • If you find your hair is too long/thick for a certain look, apply the suggested technique on a smaller portion of your hair. Transform an updo that you find too heavy or too difficult to secure into a half updo where only top layers are used to form a bun, while bottom layers and left loose. Divide and concur - if a single section is too difficult to pin in place, split it in several smaller sections!
  • Girls whose hair isn't long enough can adopt certain elements of hairstyles presented on longer hair, such as side/top braids/twists and replace side swept buns with cute curly ponytails. 
  • And I'll never agree that braids don't show up on dark hair (I used to have jet black hair, so know what I'm talking about). Fine, if you're looking at yourself in a low lit bathroom or corridor mirror, you might be under such an impression, but I could say the exact same thing about my blonde hair! Sunlight is all it takes to see every detail of your hairstyles, so go out and show off your lovely hair to the world ;)

Stay beautiful!

June 12, 2013

The best poses for pictures - fail proof ideas

Sure, the best photos are those capturing that special moment. But then again, how often is there someone spying on you with a camera when you're experiencing that exact moment? Or how many friends or relatives are skillful enough to take no ordinary pictures and/or willing to spend hours (or even minutes) waiting for you to get into that modeling mood? Well, I don't know how it is for you guys, but sometimes I find it a mission-impossible sort of a challenge to have nice photos of me taken... It's like I have 2 seconds to strike a pose and the only thing I can think about are strangers staring at me. So forget about looking natural lol. And afterwards it drives me mad to see how a photo could have been so much better if only I went for a slightly different pose. So sometimes I simply prefer to go for a good old fail-proof pose rather than a risky spontaneous one. I find the sketches below really inspiring and hope they'll help you to take even more beautiful pictures of yourself! Let me know which pose would you like to try next time you have a photo shoot and feel free to share this post with your friends :)


And here are some ideas for couples. Now this one is a real life saver ;)


Enjoy and share!

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