July 17, 2013

Summer to fall hairstyles for medium hair 2013

Hi guys! Here comes a selection of my hair tutorials that work for medium long and shoulder length hair. I'll start from cute everyday looks and move to more formal ones.  Feel free to also check out my Summer hairstyles for long hair where I use  Glam Time clip-in extensions for extra length and volume. For more videos, visit my YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/LiliTheDarkMoon.

Faux bob hairstyle, or how to fake short hair

This technique also works on longer and thicker hair, you might only need to put your top layers into a loose ponytail before tucking the ends in.

Everyday hairstyles with braids

These looks are actually quite versatile, they have that boho chic touch to them which makes them wearable day through to night.

The ponytail looks below are perfect not only for a party, but also for sports - french braids will do a great job keeping your hair away from your face.

Hair bow updo is a perfect solution to glam up thin hair like my own.

This updo is also versatile enough to wear it in a casual manner or for a special events.

The following 1 minute look is one of my favorite go-to hairstyles when I'm running out of time. I've curled my hair with Jumbo Curlers to add some volume and texture to my naturally thin hair, but if your hair is thick, you can as well sport it on straight hair.

This princess-like hairstyles are also perfect for younger girls.

And these looks will turn heads at your work ;) They are perfect for office and any formal environment.

Hairstyles for special events 

*****SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE ALERT*****So watch this video till the end! ;)

One of the most trendy hairstyles these days, the following Greek Goddess updo incorporates messy curls with boho chic braids.

Circle crown braid has made a revolution in the internet - I don't remember ever receiving that many requests to recreate a certain look lol

Adding a side messy bun in the following updo is a perfect solution to glam up medium length hair creating an illusion of extra length and volume.

Quick and easy to recreate, the following criss cross looks are really tasteful without being overdone.

The most formal of all the hairstyles in this selection, the following look is perfect for prom or wedding. Feel free to decorate it to your liking!

July 09, 2013

Summer to fall hairstyles for long hair 2013

This post contains a collection of my hair tutorials for long hair. These cute looks are quick and easy to recreate and as most of them they keep your hair away from your face and neck, they are perfect for hot summer days. To add extra length to my thin medium length hair, in these videos I use my Glam Time clip-in hair extensions from www.GlamTimeHair.com.

I'll start from simple everyday hairstyles and then I'll also link more sophisticated ones, perfect for special occasions. Most of these tutorials were done on my naturally straight hair, but feel free to try them out also on wavy or curly hair - you'll get softer messier looks which are totally in fashion these days! Leave me a comment and let me know which hairstyles your liked most!

If your hair is too short for these looks, check out my Hairstyles for medium hair.
For more hair and beauty tutorials, visit my YouTube channel www.YouTube.com/LiliTheDarkMoon

Everyday hairstyles - side swept braids

For the following french braided look, I used Glam Time extensions attached into a high ponytail according to this tutorial.

Down dos, half updos and braids for special occasions

July 04, 2013

Different ways to tie a scarf as a headband, turban, dress or around your neck

In this post, I've gathered all my scarf videos. Leave me comment and let me know which styles you liked most!

10 ways to tie a scarf over your head 

To show you different ways to use a scarf as a headband and as a turban, I've used a square 35''x35'' (90x90cm) scarf made of silk. The first style I'm showing is a Scarf Rose, and to succeed in recreating it you have to make sure that you're also using a silk scarf and that you follow my steps exactly ;) while for all the other styles your scarf can be made of pretty much any fabric. 


 8 ways to tie a scarf into a summer dress

All we are going to need for these beach dresses (and one shawl) is an oversized scarf (or a piece of fabric) and a ribbon that we'll use as a belt. The ribbon I used here is 180cm(71'') long, while the scarf is 130cm x 180cm (51''x71''). For the Cute Bow style I have folded the scarf in half horizontally. 


15 ways to wear a scarf around your neck

Here I've also used two oversized scarves from Zara. The styles I'm showing here you can wear pretty much all year long - wearing a scarf is a great way to dress up any item of your wardrobe, from a T-shirt to a winter coat.


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