July 04, 2013

Different ways to tie a scarf as a headband, turban, dress or around your neck

In this post, I've gathered all my scarf videos. Leave me comment and let me know which styles you liked most!

10 ways to tie a scarf over your head 

To show you different ways to use a scarf as a headband and as a turban, I've used a square 35''x35'' (90x90cm) scarf made of silk. The first style I'm showing is a Scarf Rose, and to succeed in recreating it you have to make sure that you're also using a silk scarf and that you follow my steps exactly ;) while for all the other styles your scarf can be made of pretty much any fabric. 


 8 ways to tie a scarf into a summer dress

All we are going to need for these beach dresses (and one shawl) is an oversized scarf (or a piece of fabric) and a ribbon that we'll use as a belt. The ribbon I used here is 180cm(71'') long, while the scarf is 130cm x 180cm (51''x71''). For the Cute Bow style I have folded the scarf in half horizontally. 


15 ways to wear a scarf around your neck

Here I've also used two oversized scarves from Zara. The styles I'm showing here you can wear pretty much all year long - wearing a scarf is a great way to dress up any item of your wardrobe, from a T-shirt to a winter coat.



  1. Very very creative and chic, i liked all of them. You should be adesigner! Keep up the good work.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your head scarves tutorial! Although I wear mine quite a lot it's hard to find new and fun ways to change it up and the ring idea is amazing! Can't wait to try these!

  3. very cool videos.
    love jelaegbe.blogspot.de

  4. Awesome videos dear! i had hard time with head scarfs, so i just gave up. Now, after your tips, i will give them another chance)my favorite is scarf rose! It is just so amazing! thank you!


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