August 30, 2013

My hair disasters, or how I became my own hairdresser

The other day I was thinking about how did it happen that now I only want to cut and color my hair on my own? When I was a student on a tight budget and couldn't really afford visits to a salon, I was dreaming about times when I'll have a job and will be able to pamper myself in the best salons getting top service at any price. Guess what? The time for me to get a job has come, but the thing about top service has never really lived up to my expectations. I changed many salons, many of which are considered the best in Paris, consulted many hairdressers trying to find the right one, but only to come to a conclusion that rather than being pampered in a SPA-like environment, I get stressed and disappointed. I don't get neither cut nor color that I want, my hair is being damaged by people who don't really care about it, and I'm actually paying $$$ for all of that. I realized I had to learn how to cut and color my hair on my own, because even if I wouldn't do a perfect job, whilst I'm careful, it still couldn't get much worse than what I was getting in salons. I'd eventually learn everything I need to know and finally have a cut and color of my dreams. In the meanwhile, I'd save time and money :) And so far I was right!

I won't be describing every experience that made me want to become my own hairdresser, here are just some highlights...
  • After chopping off 6''(15cm) of my hair, a hairdresser replies to my:
- But didn't we say it's going to be 1''(2-3cm)?!
- Darling, your hair really needed it! I chopped off whatever looked really horrible, so you should be happy about it.

Happened more than once. I wonder why I never felt that happy... at all! I actually felt like mourning... RIP my hair... Plus I never asked them what they thought about my hair. I just came to pay for a certain service and get it done, so using words like "horrible" was really uncalled for. It's something nail technicians also like to say a lot. Whenever I used to change nail technicians (now I do my nails on my own as well), they'd always say "Who's this terrible person who did your nails? They look horrible!" [Yeah, right! like your work is going to look any better in 3 weeks time. So far I tried ~20 nail technicians  (I moved countries and places quite a lot and had to find new salons nearby) and only 2 were really awesome].

Anyway, this is what it made me think of:

and  also this one

Having been violated this way more than once, I decided I could no longer take the risks to loose all the precious hair that took me a year to grow in a single ends trimming session. So I assigned my mother to be my hairdresser ;) For a couple of years she's been doing a great job trimming my ends, but eventually one of my friends taught me how to trim you ends on your own and that's what I've been doing ever since. By now it's been 2 years and I have never been happier with my trims :)
  • After coloring my hair, a hairdresser replies to my: 
- But I wanted *this* hair color! [showing a photo that I brought along and asked to match]
- It IS this hair color!

Now this one, I heard it so many times from different hairdressers, that it's not even funny anymore. I still don't get how do they have the nerve to say it to my face, when the color looks totally different! Both in lightness and in tonality... Gosh... This reply is so ridiculous that every time I hear it, I seriously doubt I'm dealing with a mentally stable person and for my own sake, I just leave without saying another word...  Or no, on my way to the exit, I actually do say "How much do I pay?" Though I heard of people who wouldn't pay for such a service and I think they are doing the right thing. I'm just not confrontational enough for that lol

Dear hairdressers,
 (1) If you're unable to reproduce a particular color (which is totally understandable), please, be honest about it, tell it to your client *before* you commit to coloring their hair.
(2) If something went wrong (sh*t happens! we're all human and your job can be very challenging at times), just have the courage and dignity to accept it and analyze your mistakes to do a better job next time ...or just refer to (1).
  • A hairdresser in reply to
- With all this bleaching, my hair has gotten so sensitive, it keeps on breaking! [my ends are visibly much thinner than my roots]
- No, it's not! [grabs a section of hair dissolving toward the ends and pretends he doesn't notice anything] Where do you see breakage? [wtf! all along the hair strand!!!] Most girls who have their hair bleached have to cut it short, but you actually managed to grow it till your shoulders! That's really rare, you should be happy about it!"

Wait, as an Eastern European, I know hundreds of girls who bleach their hair and still have it down to their waist... Thick and gorgeous! So what's the point to insult my intelligence and tell me things which are obviously not true... I know for a fact that the condition of my hair has worsened a lot! Is it just to justify his work and avoid taking responsibility for the condition of my hair?..  But I'm there not to point fingers! I just want to find a solution, while his attitude is something that makes any further conversation meaningless and his professional skills doubtful.
  • A hairdresser in reply to
- My hair is very thin, and with all this bleaching it has gotten even thinner [my ponytail is the size of my thumb totally dissolving toward the ends].
- No, it's not thin. This other client of mine, you can see most of her scalp through her hair. That's thin!

Here I have to take a deep breath. If I were not quite as polite as I am, I'd say that this client of his needs to see a doctor, there's obviously a health issue that needs to be addressed. Just because you cannot see my scalp, doesn't mean my hair is "not thin" or something! It's so obvious that I can't believe I'm even writing it, it should be in "NO COMMENT" section lol
  • In reply to "I think bleaching is bad for my hair. Perhaps instead of bleaching, we could try coloring my regrowth a slightly darker blonde and then adding some highlights every couple of months?" 
Hairdresser A (never met me before, never will see me again):
-  If you're so smart and know everything, why do you even ask me about my opinion?

When I heard that, I really thought I was dreaming... Believe me, I'm a very polite person and put a lot of efforts into phrasing my words in a way that sounds respectful. But this person got so offended by the fact I was coming to her with my own ideas rather than quietly entrusting my hair into her professional hands... And unfortunately, 90% of hairdressers I've spoken to so far tend to get annoyed when I suggest what's that I'd like to be done with my hair. And God forbid me getting technical and telling them what developer and hair dye/toner number I'd like to have used. That's something they seem to consider borderline insulting.

And that's such a pity!!! I wish I could find someone I could bring my money to for doing what I want. After all, as a hair model, I went through so many hairdressers and participated in so many trainings, that even though I don't have much technical experience, I get to see more theoretical novelties than some hairdressers.  I get to have them applied to my hair and have a good idea of how they work for me. And since it's my hair, I do have a right to suggest things. There's nothing insulting about it! Sigh...

 Hairdresser B:
- No, it's going to be ugly. You'd need to add some dark lowlights to the rest of your hair"
- But since my hair is so light, won't these lowlights wash off after 2 weeks?
- Yes, they will.

And this is something that pisses me off. Forget "What's the point to suggest something that's not going to last?" and will turn to "Ugly" in a matter of weeks. What I'm really annoyed with is that so many times I asked for a color, got something vaguely similar, just to discover that in 2 weeks time it will be totally gone!

Dear hairdressers, please inform your un-hair-educated clients about longevity of a certain hair color and tell them what their hair is going to look like in a week, month and so on. Tell them what sort of maintenance commitment is there to make. Tell them what kind of damage can they expect. If I knew that bleached hair needs to be toned every 2 weeks to maintain that Hollywood pearl blonde, I'd never ever have it bleached at first place! Same thing about pink/red/blue hair washing off to yellow/orange. Once my best friend asked for purple highlights in her "virgin" black hair and she got them. But surprise surprise! After 2 weeks her purple strands have gotten orange! Needless to say, she didn't see it coming and was rather upset with the entire experience.

Some other things that turned me off hair salons in general is that

  • In my experience, hairdressers try to receive more clients than they physically can. Forget 20 to 45 minutes that I usually have to wait for them after the time of my appointment, the worst thing is that way too often there's  no one available to wash the bleach out of my hair since everyone's already busy with new clients. Very often I had to wait for another 20 minutes after 50 minutes of the *maximal* recommended product development time. No wonder that over time my hair has gotten more and more fragile and started to break off.  
  • A very poor choice of hair dyes and toners. Every salon seems to work with only one brand of hair products and when it comes to blondes, there's hardly anything to choose from. Especially here in France where blondes are not popular and girls generally do not dye their hair unless they want to cover their grey hair. So recently I decided to tone my hair on my own with toners I buy online. I use ammonia-free products that are super easy to use and instantly give that Hollywood blonde shades that I was always dreaming about. They do wash off after a couple of weeks, but since they are quite cheap (5-10 times cheaper than what they charge for toners in salons), I can reapply them as often as I need to. 
  • Even though there are dozens of ways to highlight one's hair, every hairdresser I met so far seems to be super attached to one particular technique that they like most. Not only technique, but also placement and thickness of highlights. Basically, once I ask for highlights, they consider our conversation over and get really annoyed when I try to explain what particular type of highlights I'd like to have. Then they say it's not a good idea and insist on doing what they want, the way they want. Or say they got my point, but still do it their way. Oh well, they left me no choice but to learn how to do highlights on my own. I've already done it once and got very nice results :)

The following things I experiences/heard from people I was modeling for. I do realize that at work I cannot expect to be treated like a princess, but wait, how ridiculous is that?!

  • No  comment.

A renown stylist was taking his time to crimp my hair for an hour, burning it alive over a generous amount of hairspray strand by strand. I was cringing for the entire hour to the point my muscles started to hurt and I got a headache. But as a model, you're expected to stay quiet, so I did. Then he started to tease my hair for another hour. He was going for that crazy Marge Simpson-like volume (haute couture hair styling, you know!). I could see my crispy hair breaking and falling on the floor every time he vigorously moved his comb probably assuming that my hair was made of some flexible iron. Another model sitting next to me (a much more lucky one since her stylist had a more "hair friendly" hairstyle in mind for her appearance in the show) could also see it and asked my stylist "Isn't it damaging for her hair?!?!" to which he replied "Look at her. She's bleached the f*** out of her hair. Now that's MUCH more damaging for her hair than what I'm doing here!"

  •  Broken hair disaster.
A colorist was preparing my hair for a show. She had to bleach my roots, but whatever she did to my hair made it break to the extent that when I touched (!) a strand of wet hair at the back of my head, it stayed in my hands!!! And that was a really thick strand!

Just look at the photo below, taken several months after the disaster. That's just one strand, later on all top layers of my hair have gradually fallen off and I had to cut my hair quite short. Don't worry, it's not a recent photo, but it took me 2 years to grow my hair back... and imagine that I had to model in the meanwhile! Thanks God I discovered hair extensions by then! 

I'm generally quite a polite person, what's done is done and shouting wouldn't fix anything, so despite all sorts of names that were going through my mind at that moment, I didn't say anything. I just couldn't help tears coming out of my eyes (for like 7 days in a row). Guess what this colorist told me?

 - My darling, but what's that you do to your hair that it reacts this way to our quality products?! You should have really taken better care of your hair, condition it sometimes or something!

That time I was modeling for Wella Professional and the ironic thing was that for many months I was using Wella Professional masks to deep condition my hair every single time I was washing it. And the condition of my hair was very good. Afterwards, I found out that she used an unnecessarily strong developer and has put me under heat for way too long. She also overlapped her bleach over previously bleached areas and my hair just broke in those places. She's never apologized and kept on blaming *me* for whatever has happened. Well, my hair was bleached for many months before and many years after that horrible experience with her, but nothing of that kind has *ever* happened to me. And I can't believe that people like this actually work for such big companies - she even teaches other professionals how to use Wella's products during paid trainings...
  • Burned scalp disaster.
A colorist was preparing my hair for a show (also in Wella Professional, Paris) and she had to bleach my roots. After she has applied her product, instead of usual tingling, I felt a real pain. I told her that, but she said it was normal. After 50 minutes she has finally washed the bleach out of my hair, but to my horror, the pain was still there. My scalp kept on hurting 5, 10 and even 30 minutes later. I just couldn't stand that pain anymore, so I told her that my scalp was really hurting me. She replied "Well, in that case I could perhaps use this special bleach neutralizing shampoo". In my mind, I was thinking "Why is the world didn't you use it at first place?!?!" So she has shampooed my hair once again and I finally felt a relief, but when I was touching my scalp, it felt as if it was bruised. For many days, I had difficulties brushing and styling my hair. After a week, my skin started to peel off in huge 1''(2cm) wide flakes as if it was sunburned...That was really scary and I can only imagine what kind of potentially permanent damage it has caused my hair bulbs. I noticed that the hair at the sides of my head never grows that long ever since :(

Gosh, thinking about those things made me cringe once again. Hope you've been more lucky than me, but if you also have a story to share, please post it in the comments down below. Hopefully some hairdressers would read this post and find out how not to treat their clients lol

With all that said, I still secretly dream about having my hair pampered by the right person - after all, doing your own hair is quite a workout ;) Why why why awesome hairdressers are so rare? I'd love to know heros by their names! :)


  1. I read your entire post with a lot of interest and unfortunately some of these disasters have happened to me as well. I used to go to different hair dressers in desperate attempt to keep my hair healthy, while growing it out. It's pretty thick and wavy and also tends to split at the ends like crazy.
    But the exact same thing happened in every salon I went to: I would ask nicely to just have my ends cut about 2-3 cm and absolutely no layering... 30 minutes later 7-8 cm of my hair is on the floor and the rest of it is chopped in layers. I've always wondered why don't the hair dressers do what their clients ask and pay them for, but insted go as they please.
    And the worst part is, when they're done and the end result is nothing like the one you've requested, they try to talk you into it, and how ,, fashionable and modern'' it looks.
    Also I would like to thank you for your great tutorial on youtube on how to trim your own ends, I've been doing it myself for the last 6 months and my hair is the longest it's ever been! Really thank you so much for all the intricate hairstyles and tips! It's always a pleasure to try and recreate one of your hair styles :)

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  2. I hear ya, most all hairdressers suck, I wanna find a good one too, my hair needs help...

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  3. Can you direct blondies to the ammonia-free toner site you were referring to?

  4. Me and my sister found a very good hairdresser, she only cuts our hair, and me and my sister color and highlight each other hair, sometimes with very good results, lol we also experiment with different colors usually i have to go into the more ash blond because i've got too much red pigmentation in my hair, was for about a year totally blond but had to blowdry my hair with conditioner still in it, so decided to rather go dark brown with highlights, but this weekend me and my sis gonna try brown at the bottom and ash blond at the top will probably but some gentail violet in my shampoo and conditioner to keep the red pigmentations at bay. Hope it comes out nice if not, well them will just color it back to brown hehehe. Love all your hairstyle ideas and have tried many and made up some of my own and everyone i know i tell them to go watch you in youtube. Corlia South Africa

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  6. I was also a hair model here in Chicago where I live. The stylists were ruthless when it came to my hair. The last straw for me was when they dyed my hair fire engine red and chopped off 6 inches. They don't give a crap about your hair! They just want to make a visual for the audience. Terrible. Use a mannekin instead!

    After that, I started using a Demi permanent dye(its not harsh like permanent dye) on my hair and trimming my ends with a pair of shears I bought at a beauty store. I also started using Head and Shoulders shampoo, not because I have a dandruff problem, but because its the only thing that washes clean off my scalp. I also started using Argan oil conditioner and it has made a HUGE difference in my hair, and has made it a lot more thicker, with less breakage. I am a brunette, so luckily I don't have to deal with bleach or anything like that. Sometimes I am tempted to do highlights, but then I think of all the damage that has been done to my hair in the past, and how long it took to fix it.

  7. I'm still looking for someone here in Berlin with a good haircut. The hairdressers are horribly underpaid and they really don't care about the hair. I was at one last week, she washed my hair (it's really long), wrapped it in a towel for about 2 minutes then proceeded to brush, comb and then cut it. Blamed the problem on how dry my hair was. Does she really not know that you shouldn't brush wet hair? I ended up with a headache from the pain and a throbbing scalp for a few hours. I'll go back to cutting my own. Quicker and far less painful!

  8. I usually have the opposite problem. I go to a hairdresser and says: I want it cut off so it's healthy all the way down. The hairdresser corresponds most often: Oh no then I will have to cut 2 cm of. I usually says: please take ten now you're at it, so it's healthy all the way down, it grows out again. I always leave unsatisfied because I don'r feel my hair is healthy as I had hoped. The only time I've been happy was when I had had a tantrum and cut my hair in desperation, I had probably taken about ten centimeters. . My sweet nabour that are a hairstylist cut it until it was straight after my abuse, and it's the only time I've been happy-it was HEALTHY whole way from root to tip and it grows out again!

  9. I know you're going to cringe when I say this. I KNOW, but I'm going to say it anyway. I have THE most fabulous hair stylist EVER. She's an older woman who knows what I want. I've been going to her since I was 12, I'm 29 now. She pays attention to the shading I want, the cut I want, if I want it permed what I want it to look like and she Sits and consults with me for more than a half hour before she picks up those scissors. She works at Walmart in Salina Ks. I're going WALMART! Yes, Walmart. Best damned hair dresser I have ever had! She even managed to fix my hair when someone used a BV on one side of my head and an RV on the other!

    1. I know it sounds odd but hairstylist located in WalMart are not employed by WalMart. The salons are owned by Regis Corporation and the stylist are offered a lot of continuing education.

  10. I've had my fair share of disasters like that. Including a guarantee from a stylist in Orange County, CA that said he could turn my red hair back to my natural golden/strawberry blonde. I double-checked truly hoping he was telling me truth. He brushed my worries to the side and guaranteed satisfaction. It was my birthday, and that night I was having a black light / all white party...can you guess what color my hair was?! BRIGHT ORANGE! My hair horribly glowed the entire night and when I went back to him the next day to see if he could fix it, his reply was, "well, I TOLD you I couldn't make it go back to blonde, red is a very hard color to get rid of." I love my hair, so when it looks awful, I feel awful. He dyed my hair FIRE ENGINE red for me since he said there was nothing else he could do to make it look blonde, now making me look like the Ariel from the Little Mermaid. This is when I decided I was done with these random "professionals." I went to one of my childhood best friends who is a hair stylist and makeup artist and not only was she able to strip the color in a very healthy way, she was also able to get my hair to the exact color I wanted it without making it feel like it was all going to break off from my roots. Lauren Huntley in Petaluma, CA is the most talented hairstylist I've ever had (and it's great that she's my bestie too)! I can show up with a picture and she will make my hair the exact replica, or I can say, "just got with what you think is best," and walk out EVERY TIME feeling gorgeous with soft tendrils of properly colored/trimmed and treated hair. I love your blogs and tutorials, Lilith! Definitely keep up the great work!

  11. hi, since I moved to UK, and that was 6 years ago I am colouring my hair by myself. When I came here I had a ginger/red colour, then I decided to go blonde and treated my hair with a famous bleach that I bought in a shop. It was of course powdery and dry, but I survived.
    Then of course I had to reduce that yellow colour with a hair colour. I was a light blonde for about 3 years. Then I started to go darker gold blonde, just like a natural looking colour.
    At the end of 2011 I started to go darker, I chose to be brown, nice colour for me, suited me very well :)
    Last week I decided to go blonde again as most of the girls at work have dark hair. That was a reason - too few blondes at work :P especially when there're 4 girls wit the same name.
    I tried to lighten my hair a bit from that brown, to like a golden brown to start any beaching treatment. John Frieda 'go blonder' worked quite well and brought some 'sunlight' to my head. Later I tried I think it was two colourings, that was really unnecessary as I later discovered and only damaged my hair. Then during a two weeks of holiday I took that risk of bleaching, I bought Shwarzkopf color xxl in some light blonde that had a bag of blech in addition to hair colour. My hair was yellow on the roots and orange on the tips. I quickly went to tesco to buy a John Frieda colour toning shampoo and conditioner - these purple ones, as they didn't have the best one which is Pro-Voke touch of silver. Overall it helped with the orange hair. NEXT DAY I COLOURED my hair to reduce the yellowness with FERIA by l'oreal. TWO DAYS LATER I used ammonia free Olia by Garnier. My colour was finally the one Ii wanted to achieve. My hair was falling out, not breaking. Yesterday I made a hair mask out of egg yolk, lemon juice, olive oil and coconut oil. Today I was straightening my hair in the morning I I thought it looks a bit yellow near the head... It did, and I reaised that on the break at work... Lemon juice lightened my hair to that yellow colour I had before colouring to my lovely blonde o.O well, i still have to have few of this masks, then I'll colour my hair again :)

    About haircuts,In Poland I have my mother as law that is hairdresser, I was always happy, but when I moved to UK I only cut my hair when I go to Poland, last time was 3 years ago, so it really needed to be cut especially after using a 'natural' shampoo with argan oil :/ it dried my hair soo much it was tangling all the time on the ends and felt like touching a newspaper. I went to polish hairdresser, a cut was nice, but too straight on the front so hair wouldn't go straight it always was like curling and I didn't like it. I went to her one more time for a correction. She was in a hurry and cut my hair in the shape of a stairs. I tried to correct it at home, but it needs a professional hairdresser. I'm going to next one on Wednesday, well see what's going to be out of that ;p

  12. Lilith could you style my hair like you do yours.... you're awesome!!!

  13. I have the same hair cut problems as you! I always ask for a trim of about one or two inches if my hair is really bad but they always cut 3-5 inches off of my hard grown hair! And then they ass layers and everything and my hair looks nothing like I wanted and so short! I think I might just learn to trim my own hair :(

  14. I have finally found a hairdresser who loves long hair and encourages me not to have mine shortened too much:) I guess she is a very rare exception.

  15. After the last bad experience, I have given up on hairdressers and commercial dyes. I will now trim my own hair and dye it with pure, organic henna. I had an awesome hairdresser, who listened, gave you exactly what you asked for, was afforadable and gave the best blowouts. To my hair's demise she moved back to her home country. I cried the day she told me and I cried everytime a hairdresser f.....ked up my hair.

  16. I read your story because I saw that picture of your short hair in the back of your hair. This is actually exactly my condition now (though it's a lot shorter, maybe 4 cm)while the rest of my hair is of mid-back length :( I also went through my wet hair with my hand (filthy rubbery feel) and voila, thick strands of my hair left in my hand :((( does anyone think it would help if I got a layered haircut so it would kind of look more normal?

  17. My hair is naturally dark brunette, I do not have it coloured. But for my hairdressers I´m in the glad position to know kickboxing to threaten them before they touch my holy hair and cut off too much... I am very sensitive with that point although my curls grow pretty fast (but curls you know...). My hair is thick and healthy and I want to grow it waist-long, actual it´s between armpit and bra strap and layered. But many hairdressers are really bad and until you found a good one you have to move to another town...

  18. So, you color your hair by yourself now? I've always admired your personality, and you're one of my favorite people on Youtube. You're intelligent, professional, and really eloquent which completely amazes me because you know SO many languages! I just can't believe that all of this awfulness has happened to you! This is borderline insanity that people would just say things like that to you, their client. You are also so optimistic and persevering about your hair, so I sort of guess that you're probably like that about most other things. I always thought my hair was just impossible to work with, but you make me realize it's just a matter of finding what works for you. I sincerely admire your 'do-it-yourself' attitude! Thanks so much for spreading your story and knowledge. :)

  19. i share the same point of view !
    to me,a hairdresser is worse than a dentist...
    my mother and stepmother used to trim my hair, but thanks to your awesome video about trimming the hair by yourself, i do it alone and everything is alright !
    Many thanks for this article !!!


  20. I have a really long hair. Every time I go to a hairdresser I hear: "Gorgeous hair! I always wanted to have hair like yours!".

    Afterwards I live the salon and I definitely KNOW WHY she doesn't have hair like mine...

    I so understand you!

    I cannot trim my own hair but colorization is entirely in my own hands. Hair 10 cm shorter than I expected AND the wrong tone would be to much for one visit in a salon ;)

  21. Hi Lilith Moon! I can so much relate to you story. I've learned from my experiences as well... It's just frustrating and disappointing that after what they have done, they seem to put all the blame on their customers afterwards. And you won't even hear a single word of apology from them...
    I remember one of my unforgettable salon experiences several years ago, I entrusted my hair to a famous local salon here in our place. Though their services are a bit pricey than others, their salon and hairdressers looked professional so I thought that they could have been a good choice. I wanted to have a short bob cut for my hair but the hairdresser said that it won't look good cause I don't have a perfectly straight hair, and so I let him decide on the haircut, and got a blunt cut. He suggested that I should have my hair relaxed, if I really wanted to have a short bob for my hair. So few months after, when I saved enough money for the treatment, I went back the salon and asked him to have my hair relaxed as he suggested to me, cause I really want that bob haircut... But to my surprise when I got home, I got a lot of scalp burns (about 3-4 cm) that hurt like hell!! I couldn't stop crying from so much pain and fear that I might get those bald spots on my head. We went back to the salon to show them, my mother was so enraged but I don't really like confrontations so I talked to them nicely expecting that they would know what to do with my burning scalp. Unfortunately, the suspect acted as if he didn't know and see it before (but it's very obvious). His co-worker tells him to buy me a medicine, but he didn't want to. OoO I was so mad that I was speechless. After few more talks what they did was to give me a hair and scalp treatment. Only to find out few years later that It is wrong to give a hair and scalp treatment when there's an open wound and that I can get a nice looking short bob hairstyle even if your hair is wavy... I learned my lesson. So I started to research and to learn, and tried doing things on my own, coloring, treatments and hair styling (through that I discovered your YT channel and your great hair tutorials :D). Few years later that, I took up a short course on hairdressing so that I'll know more of the do's and don'ts. And one l thing I realized, that sadly there are really some hairdressers that are doing the wrong things to us customers.
    I too hope someday I'll get to find that knowledgeable and sincere hairstylist that would not only work for my pay but for my satisfaction. ^-^
    Have great day! and thank you for sharing your story to us. :D

  22. @Amemi JD: Oh my god! I've just read your story and remembered that the exact same thing has happened to me as well!!!! I totally forgot about it and will have to add it to my post - once they have burned my scalp just like yours. A week later all the skin was coming off my scalp in huge 1''(2cm) wide flakes as if I had a terrible sunburn... And of course, no apologies, nothing! Just "I've no clue what you are talking about" face... I also wish you good luck in finding the right hairdresser! Stay beautiful xxx

  23. OMG sweetie, these things that happens with you was so cruel!
    I read all and you know I don't speak english, but I understand what you feel in all this bad experiences. I'm sorry for you and for all womans that have the same experience with hairdresses. I had 2 sisters hairdresses since my 7 years at 18 , they was amazing and they always know what I want, when I want to changed I just show a picture from a magazine and their do the best job that was possible. When I go to live in another place I lost their, but I know a new person in my husband, he was a hairdresser. Yes, sweetie I married with a hairdresses, he don't work more in this, he made Resourch Human in Health/ Hospital, but one time hairdresser, always hairdresser.
    He straight my hair ( with products ), he cut my colored my hair ( I have some white ) and he cut my hair. When I need to do some hairstyle...I go to YT, open my hair file and watch your videos.
    Now you know bc I always speak for you: Thank You so much for teach me !
    Have a beautiful hair...forever !
    Sorry my english.
    Xx from your friend from Brazil

  24. Best idea is when u really know what u need for your hair, i never let anyone to touch it and is highlighted, just by me, cut by me, anyway is long hair, bc is true, hairdressers cut too much if u say 2 cm. So, in the last 25 years, i do everything by myself, starting a hairdresser course in few days too, i will always understand what the ppl wants, especially when is about long hair, i ll stop them to cut the length, as i am a lover of long hair.

  25. @Hope: So happy my ends trimming videos turned out to be so useful for you! :)

    @sandi mavis: wish you luck in finding one!

    @Sandra Williams: I'll write a detailed blog post about them!

    @Corlia Van Tonder: Good luck with your experiments! As long as you are in good hands, changes are fun! :)

    @valerie tow: Hair modeling can be really tough at times... I really learned to be picky about jobs I'm taking and for the sake of my hair, refuse many more offer than accept.

    @Bri: Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about! It's so annoying! They always try to brush my hair when it's wet, even though wet *bleached* hair breaks like cotton... So I really have to insist that they put their stupid round brush away and just use their fingers. My hair is actually so straight that it doesn't require any brushing at all, but they never believe me and say it's going to look ugly at the end. After an unpleasant conversation they finally do it my way and my hair looks lovely, but the entire experience creates too much tension. I'd really prefer it they'd just give me that hairdryer and let me do everything by myself.

    @Eva Wow! You've just chopped your hair off like that? Happy to heat that it has worked so well for you :)

    @ObsidianFyre: That's really awesome to have such a wonderful hairdresser like yours! I wish I could find one like that too!

    @Rachel Klein: That sounds terrible! But I'm glad to hear that your finally found the right person to do your hair ;)

    @ewelinciaaa89: Good luck, but please be careful - it sounds like a lot of things are going through your hair!

    @sandi mavis: Lol I don't really style other people's hair, I just make videos so that everyone could be as good as I am in styling their own hair :)

    @Wendy B: Yeah, I just don't have any more courage to get my ends trimmed by anymore else but my mother or myself. If I had to, I'd come with a measuring tape and make a joke that I won't pay for their service if they cut more than what I ask for lol

    @beadweaving-by-portokali: Happy to hear that!

    @ShoeLover: I feel your pain. I used to have one awesome hairdresser in Ukraine and it felt terrible to loose her and never find anyone quite as good :(

    @Miska Camberova: I'm sorry to hear that :( Layers would definitely help!

    @Schneerose: Hahaha... your comment gave me a huge smile ;) Thank you!

    @Christine T: Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, it means a lot!

    @Sojafan newman: So happy my videos can be of help for you!

    @anoriell: Congratulations on growing out such long hair!

    @Marta: Lucky girl!!! I wish my boyfriend could do my hair lol Though even he could never get a haircut he wanted in salons (I thought only us girls are demanding when it comes to the length of our hair, but now I know that men are too). So he decided to cut his hair by himself and it's been over 4 years he's been doing it with special clippers :)

    @sweetdreams: Doing a course is really a great idea! I think it takes years to become a hairdresser who's able to serve different clients, but learning to be your own hairdresser is not that difficult if what you're after is also trimmed ends and color :)

  26. I think that hairdressers are the same on the whole world. I live in Poland and I have the same experiences as you. Fortunately, I found two good hairdressers. One of them understand how long is 1 cm and second one knows colours :)

  27. It is such a shame that hairdressers don't listen to the costumers.

    Last time I went I had a picture with me, I wanted thin bangs, she started to comb my hair down my face and I told her that I thought it was to much and to thick her reply was: "but it has to be beautiful".

    The result was of course that it was to much and now some it has to grow out, which means I have to wear bobby pins every single day, and my other hair is really long, so it's pretty annoying.

    Next time it wil be another hairdresser, or maybe I will try my self, my bangs I cut my self for like 4 months now. ;)

  28. I am also a very blonde bleached blonde, and now, I do it myself. I have learned the hard way that hairdressers do not listen, just like all of you!!
    Recently, I moved to a new city and found a hairdresser. She trimmed my hair just fine, that was all I wanted. But like Bri from Berlin said earlier, she brushed the CRAP out of my hair when it was soaking wet! I was cringing the whole time, just picturing all the breakage she was creating (I am very careful with my hair, especially when it's wet). She then proceeded to dry my hair on super high heat with a round brush and flat iron it! (I am trying to grow it out and she knew that and still assaulted it). When she was done, she said that I should really let her do my color. She said my hair felt like straw! It felt like straw because she just completely attacked it with heat. My color is fine, I only bleach new growth, use a neck mirror to get my hair in the back that I cannot see, and am careful about now using heat on my hair. In fact, I get compliments all the time about my color and my last hairdresser in Texas said I did my color as well as she could, so why would I pay someone to do something I can do just as well myself? Anyway, thanks Lilith, I love your blogs and videos!

  29. I completely understand your pain!
    I have waist-long, curly hair. The ends are a little damaged, I do admit that, but I am quite attached to my hair and I'd rather use hair masks and take good care of it, rather than cutting it all off. I liked the Rapunzel picture you had in your post- that's exactly how I feel every time I go to a hair dresser! They also yank it so hard when they brush it that I can see hair falling out... it's terrible. They also always want to straighten it. I dream of the day when a professional tells me how to make my natural hair look good. :(
    I think I will go look at your video on how to cut your own ends. Time to take this into my own hands :)

  30. You are so right and good hairdressers are so so hard to find.
    I have really curly hair and I used to trim my own ends but once I decided to go to the hair salon and have a professional haircut because I wanted to straighten my hair every now and then but guess what? my let's say max 5 cm of split ends for the hairdresser was something like 20 cm minimum! My really long hair (curly and long) became a very short curly hair... I was devastated!
    Plus, once I had a wedding to attend to and I wanted some really soft curls so I was expecting something like that from my hairdresser. After making me feel stupid that I decided to wash my hair previous to going to her and saying my hair now can't be done the right way, she used no product in my hair and was expecting my hair will last for days... yeah, right!
    She didn't do the soft curls I was expecting, she did my hair the way she wanted and I didn't like it at all, I had to pay a lot and I didn't had such a big salary, went home and had my mum borrow some hair tools and try and do some soft curls as the ones she did got flat...such a terrible experience!
    Ever since when I have to attend to an event I do my own soft curls!
    I recently bought a voucher to a hair salon and the hairdresser was quite great... didn't seem like she gives me too much attention but she didn't chop my hair as others did, she did a really nice cut for my super curly hair and also did a really nice job at straightening and curling the hair using a brush. and my hair stayed like that for 2-3 days... I was really impressed! Next time, I'll go to her and have my hair trimmed.

  31. About 3 years ago hairdresser tried to change a color of my hair from bronze to light blonde and put a really aggresive detergent on my head. It was a disaster! After 5 minutes my head got very hot and that detergent almost melted my hair. Skin became very sensitive also. Now I have a terrible dandruff and I must visit a doctor regularly, use special shampoo etc. :( after my tragic adventure I said: never again! Now health is more important for me than color of my hair. Greetings from Poland! :)

  32. after reading your entire blog about your hair disaster I am sooooooooooooooooooo happy that my saloon just does as I ask (tell ) them to do, if I am satisfied with my hairstylist and i call to mae another appointment i just ask for her no problem!!!
    kind regards from Holland!!

  33. After reading your post I am even more thankful that my best friend is a hairdresser. And an excellent one.! :) So,if you're going to visit Western Germany some time soon,just tell! (And we'll probably get along well,we speak russian,too! :D )

  34. I am my own hairdresser too;). I don't like going to hairdressers at all, not only because they don't listen to what I have to say, but also because I just don't trust anybody with my hair. Once, my hair was cut from waist-long to ear-long because I wanted split ends to be trimmed and since that I've had a trauma when it comes to hairdressers. Now, I cut my own ends using professional scissors and I colour my hair with henna powder.

  35. I love your blog! Wow some of those stories made me cringe ive never dyed my hair and i tried to cut my own hair, except it was really crooked and took ages to grow out again haha

  36. Hey Lilith!

    YOur stories are really horrible. I thought "Thank god I am no mairmodel!" while I read your post. I would have been REALY angry.I think: why beiing so polite to someone who treats you like that?
    But almost the same here in Germany. Finding a good hairdresser is a lifetime job. I had a good one once and I loved her. But she got a baby and gave up her job. She was really good: nice, friendly, treated me and my hair with respect and my hair looked the best it could for month. After I lost her I startetd to trim my hair on my own.
    My hair too is rather thin (I had several hairloss experiences and it took its time to fix the problem), but I managed to grow it down to hiplength. Me too I use clip-in-extensions for special occasions or for hairstyles which need more volume.

    P.S.: I really love your YouTube Channel but have never commented before.

    Best wishes,

  37. I have lived watching your videos and I never knew youhad been through so much hair trouble. I'm very sorry for that. I'mfrom Europe too but I moved to Floridawhen I was 12. I never colored my dark hair since I had a bad bleaching orange experience..
    anyway, I recently went to a salon that was said to be the best in town. I wanted ombre with bleached ends. the hairdresser was amazing (ive had many bad experiences also) she was interested in knowing exactly what I wanted. she tested different methods before we agreed on a way. she also laughed about always jumping around salons when she was younger to get someone to do exactly what she wanted (did I mention her hair looked amazingly colored). I miss her already since I had to move for school. but I guess if you are ever in Tampa bay..there is hope
    p.s: salon is tribeca

    i am one of ur biggest fans ever as u have seen my comment on google and plz make a hairstyle that is for too much long hairs like i have my hairs are longer from my back even they ends with my back bone so plz if u cant just tell me some hairstyles and plz tell it today cause i have to go somewhere tomorrow i'll wait for ur reply
    love AYMAN AFAQ

  39. ayman afaq, many of my tutorials are suitable for your hair length - most half updos and side swept braids :) jut go through my videos and see what is that you like most! xxx

  40. thx allot lilith i tried the criss cross hairstyle and myy all friends cousins were amazed to see me and i was so much happy and then i told them about u and ur hairstyles and ur beauty they will ad u on google and i have seen u on face book
    thanku you sooooooo much lilith

    when i first time saw ur hairstyle i was shocked that someone in the world can do that and that was more shocking for me that u try them on ur own hairs and u have so much cleanness in ur hands and that talent u got is really unique for me i have never thought one day i am gonna have ur reply about my hairs and i wish i can see u in reallity as u r my cindrella "LILITH THE CINDRELLA"
    love you

  41. For years I had horrible hairstylist. One in Penneys, even under my mom's CAREFUL scrutiny, shaved a part of my scalp BALD IN THE BACK OF MY HEAD. In the most obvious spot in the world. You couldn't hide it for the world. It took years to grow it out.

    Another time, my scalp got burned when I was getting a perm with my mom because he got the chemicals too close to my scalp. I HAD BLISTERS. Yea, not happy.

    My hair can't tolerate a razor for layering and I say that explicitly to every stylist when I would get my layers redone. What would they use? The razor. My hair looked worse when I came OUT than when I came in. Split ends everywhere.

    And then....I met Jen. Gone were the days of chopping of 2 inches instead of 1/4 inch. Gone were the days of the razor (she cuts into my layers to trim them.) If I say ONE INCH, she takes off one inch. I've had purple highlights that came out beautifully (and we had one disaster, but that was a new product and we didn't know my hair would react that way.)

    I. Love. Jen. I told her if she moves I will personally chain her to my house instead.

    THEY DO EXIST. You just have to scour very, very, very hard, especially if you have fine hair. Fine hair requires a special hand.

  42. I had all 90 percent of my hair burned off by a stylist too. Now I do everything myself and when I go to a salon I only let them wash and blow dry and I make SURE they comb it right when it's wet to prevent breakage. I only trust someone to wash and dry my hair that's it and that's cuz I get lazy and it's kinda like a spa experience. other than that, I went to hair school and learned how to do everything myself and youtube helps too.

  43. Hi lilith! I have had hair of all lengths in my childhood but after I was 16, I once went to a beauty parlor and asked the stylist to give me a layered haircut that should reach my shoulders but to my astonishment, she chopped of all my hair till my crown, shaving the neck and leaving only an inch of hair on my crown! She literally shaved the back of my head with shears, also shaved my sideburns and cut of my bangs as well! My mid back length hair was all shaved and when I growled at her, she said I have a cute face and the hair had to be removed to make my roundish face visible! Wtf! She even asked me if she could shave my entire head, saying it will make me look as cute as a baby! I abused her and walked out, but the damage was done already.

  44. Truly I never satisfied with my haircut..Really you are true..I am also a hairdresser but the problem is what client has the image of that haircut and what I have really different. Thanks for sharing.
    Hairdresser Melbourne

  45. What is it with hairdressers!?
    It's so ridiculous..

    I think the thing about a lot of hairdresser, as a profession, is that it seems to attract people who doesn't really know what to do with their lives and they just go "Cutting hair! That's easy! I like hair, I'm sure that's something I could do!"
    But that's really, REALLY, not the case. You have to have a talent for it.

    It was fun reading this post, specially since I just last week went to have my side-swept bangs cut at a new hair-saloon, since my regular hairdresser (a really talented young woman) was on vacation, and this happened:
    Those are not side-swept bangs, they are just regular bangs. And they were all cocked and I had to cut them myself the next day x)
    Never again.

  46. Hi, great post! I have had similar sorts of experiences but I'm not completely informed about what the proper procedure should be so could someone tell me? I notice a lot of hairdressers only bleach your hair and then tone it - aren't they supposed to 'dye' it a colour? I had one who was hell bent on forcing me to "just get highlights" instead of a block colour because then all she would be required to do was bleach streaks and tone. She ended up bleaching the whole head and running a toner through it which seemed to wash out the next day, leaving me orangey/yellow and then I had to go out and buy a cheap blonde DYE - why dont THEY dye it in the first place to stop ME from doing it.

    Am I on the right track here? Whenever I want to go blonde I bleach, dye AND tone. I would love a reply from anyone, I have been trying to get confirmation on this for ages! Thankyou!!!

  47. Please don't lump all hair stylist together...come to pretty hair salon in will never do your own hair again

  48. I think you have permanently scarred me from ever ever ever going to a hairdresser again, especially after the two very annoying times i got my hair done and ended up being late both times...

  49. I read whole your story and I must say this story is totally about ME. I had so many bad experiences with hairdressers that I learnt to chop my hair myself and I also learnt many nice hairstyles, because every time when I needed nice party hairstyle and I showed picture, hairdresser always said sure no problem, but the final result was absolutelly different than on the picture so I just said ENOUGH and I stopped paying for something that just made me cry and unhappy.

  50. When I was a little girl I wanted my long hair cut to my shoulders. I was in grade 1. I took in a picture and showed it to the hairdresser. My hair was in two long braids. The hairdresser chopped off each braid and then cut my hair into a pixie cut. I was only a kid and I didn't know what to say and the whole time she was smiling. The next day I was teased at school. Some people are just evil.

  51. I read your article and can relate. I have had terrible haircuts, my head burned by the blow dryer and extremely rude stylists who think they can treat customers like trash. For the last two years, I have forgone the salons and gotten my hair cut at home by my boyfriend. What? many of you are saying, you would never trust your guy with scissors within 10 feet of you. Well he did a trim for me at first, took off about two inches of damaged ends from razoring that I told the rude stylist I did not want. Sectioning it, 90 degree cutting and it looked great. For free :) I wanted my hair longer for years, and now that I have a stylist I trust who listens to me, is not scissor happy, I am seeing positive results. I get regular trims and my hair looks great. I cringe at the thought of anyone else cutting my hair, won't happen as long as I treat my guy well.

  52. I'm lucky to have found this really awesome older polish lady who goes to workshops all the time to keep her skills up to date. I am always broke it seems so can't always afford to go to her so I whip out the box dyes and sometimes screw up my hair or I cut it on a whim... So I'll run to her and be like Krystyna fix me PLEASE!!! and she's awesome, say something like "oh Melissa what did you do this time?" (But in that friemdly known you forever kind of way". I stick with her as my one and only go to gal. Thank goodness for her though, I've had way to many stylist tell me i'm wrong that I don't know what I want, like somehow I don't have my own identity. I once asked for a layered haircut as a pick me up a week before my baby was due (and so any pictures looked good) I walked out with what I can only describe as an old lady's cut (u known with that poofy short layers on top that kind of stick up and a mullet effect...) Seriously I wanted to burn the salon down it was horrible.

  53. Thank you so much I can totally relate to all you said. very helpful as well!

  54. I was lucky enough to find an awesome hair stylist by the time I was 16 (I'm 28 now!), and I have followed her ever since (she changed salons at least 3 to 4 times, I reckon). The problem is that I don't live in my hometown anymore since 5 years now, so I only get my hair done every half I year when I visit my family. The awesomest thing is that I can get my hair done every half a year and it STILL looks good. For example, I got the tips of my hair dark pink (I'm a brunette) beginning of January, got recommended a hair cream with pigment to keep the color strong, and I still have it looking like the first day. It's a bit of an issue though, cause outside of my hometown I trust NO hairdresser...

  55. Beautiful images, I am sure they were very pleased. I have been following your work for some time and I do love your work.

  56. Do you have any suggestions for how to best deal with hair that is very blonde? I'm naturally dark blonde/light brown, but have been a bleach and tone for about 4 years. I moved to a new city a year ago and went to a colorist who was listed in Allure magazine as being the best - she overlapped and over processed my hair. A TON of it fell out in the salon and 8 months later it's started to break off. My new colorist (who costs a fortune) seems better, but my hair still looks so thin and damaged. I want blonde hair still but don't know if I should give up the bleach/tone? Is it possible to switch to highlights after all the bleach? I really want to grow my hair long, but after all the trauma it's been through, don't know if that's possible.

  57. I seriously love the article – this information is incredible and so easy to follow. Thank you!

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  59. It's good to know that even a hair expert has their fair share of hair disasters! Thanks for sharing.

  60. Nice Post! Some of these disasters are happened with all of us. It is good you can care and cut your own hairs but everyone can't do this so it is necessary to find right and experienced hair dresser to get expected results. Thanks for sharing your useful experience.

  61. All this info is so true. I have been cutting, coloring and styling my hair for 7 years. Too bad the article mixes tenses and many responses are full of grammatical errors. It discredits this very true topic that yes, hairstylists rake through hair like a yard of leaves in the fall. I wish they knew to comb my thin fragile hair gently while wet, instead of brushing and damaging it; I hear it breaking and I tell hairstylists I hear it. I've gone to get a dry hair cut and asked for one length and she listens but then manipulates through her wording that she's just going to layer it. Oh...kay I'll trust you hairstylist because your just going to be a bully to your own client if I don't agree with you. And yes I've also had the spaghetti string hair after a poorly processed bleach experience. I want to go into hair just to turn the bad track record around. You know, essentially become a hero and save hair for the great ladies that deserve it. Then again its a lot of hours on your feet and that is why I thought I've never returned to retail in the first place. As horrible as a job sitting on your butt can be to your pants shopping, standing for long periods is just hell on my back so that's the trade off.
    My hair is always a blunt cut and I never have split ends because I trim it every other day in the shower; and its down to my mid back. My last attempt trusting a pro to cut it was 1.5 yrs ago and she layered it against my specific desire not to have it layered. Now my hair is long and beautiful once again thank goodness. Will someone grant me $10,000 to go to hair school? I could really make a positive impact.

  62. I used to dye my hair at home with box dyes and it would become very light blonde, like I liked. However, I grew my hair out naturally and recently used a box dye: Revlon Color Silk in Ash Blonde. It turned my hair dark orange. I used another dye to fix it: Revlon Color Silk in Ultra Light Sun Blonde, and it did nothing. I then used L'Oreal Brass Banisher the next day, and it made little difference. My hair was bright yellowy-orange. So, I went to Regis Salon in the mall for them to fix it. And old lady who claimed to work in the profession for 50 years said she could fix it. She used a 10 volume bleach and dark purple toner. My scalp burned so bad it scabbed and peeled in huge flakes for weeks. She said it was normal. Funny, I have been bleaching and dying my hair for over a decade, and this had never happened to me. I left the salon with purple and orange streaks in my hair. She said wash the hair every day as many times as possible and it would be blonde. She told me to return in a week so she could check it. I returned two weeks later (today) and now she wants to charge me to come back tomorrow and bleach it with 20 volume and the same purple toner. She said it will "probably burn my scalp again, but that's normal." I am so upset. I cried and cried. I am not an assertive person, and I doubt they will give me a refund or anything. The old lady is the manager and she blames me for her bad bleach/dye job, saying my use of the box dyes is what caused the bleach and toner not to work right. I have orange brassy, yellow, purple, and somehow brown speckled hair. Not to mention my hair was down to my shoulder blades and she cut about 6 inches off, saying it looked "really bad." I've had a lot of your experiences all rolled into one. I had quit going to salons before because they kept leaving me under the dryer too long and frying my hair off, and they never listened to what I wanted done, only did what they wanted (whatever was easiest/quickest for them.) I guess I just have to live with mutlicolored ugly hair. I spent $170 at Regis to get this done, and I don't have any more money to spend on these rip offs. I am so afraid of stylists now, moreso than ever before. My Mom usually helps me bleach my hair at home, and she does a great job, but she would not do it this time because she hates doing it, so she convinced me to have it fixed by a "professional." I don't know what to do at this point.


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