August 10, 2013

Vacation hairstyles for medium to long hair: week in Portugal

Hey guys! Hope you're all enjoying summer time :)

I recently got back from a wonderful 1 week vacation in Porto - one of my favorites cities in Europe. I've already been there several times and will be definitely coming back :) It's just too beautiful and has everything that I love - river, ocean, beach, hills, stunning architecture, amazing food (especially bread! yumm...) and friendly people.

I went there with my boyfriend and the first 3 days we spent in the Yeatman hotel overlooking breathtaking sights of Porto. It was so beautiful that most of the time we spent chilling out on the terrace enjoying sun, food and drinks. After busy life in Paris, it's such a bliss to relax and just do nothing :)

Day 1: Rolled half up half down hairstyle with curls 

Everything felt really special, so I went for an elegant hairstyle that I finally had an occasion to wear :) No one likes spending hours to do their hair, especially on vacation. And I'm not an exception :) So I just attached my hair extensions (to get an effect of lowlights, I used two sets of extensions in different colors like I've shown in this tutorial) and quickly curled the ends with a flat iron. Then I just rolled my top layers upward like I've shown in this video. Didn't take me more than 10 minutes! Another 10 minutes for makeup, and I was ready to take loads of photos on the terrace :)

Then we went for a walk around the beautifully decorated hotel and found...the biggest cork in the world :) Now that's when I feel like Thumbelina!

This huge chair also made me feel like a tiny fairy :) I wish there were more chairs that size around so that tall girls like myself could also feel small and fragile sometimes haha

Day 2: Knotted half up half down hairstyle with curls

For the second day I decided to go for a romantic look with a trendy messy touch to it. Just as before, I wanted something quick and easy to do, so that I would't have to steal much time from my beautiful vacation. So I grabbed my flat iron, added some more curls and then used the technique from this tutorial.

And of course, I had to take some more photos :)

We had a dinner on the terrace of our suite, and even though it was really warm, I couldn't resist the temptation to light a fireplace that we had in our sitting room :) I just looooove fireplaces, so whenever I find one, I just have to see it in action :) 

Day 3: Upside down french braid with a messy bun 

Even though I'm not a big fan of pools and generally prefer real sea/ocean water, I just could not miss the opportunity to go for a swim in the Yeatman's pool with such a fantastic view. The water was freezing, but it was still worth it :) I thought an upside down french braid from this tutorial will do a better job taming my shortest hair than any normal bun, and it did!
As I said, the water was really freezing, so a flock of seagulls came to cheer me on :)

In the afternoon I decided to spice up my hairstyle adding some twists to the front.

We went for a walk by the Atlantic ocean at Foz do Douro and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

Day 4 - Dutch braided updo 

Finally I decided to go to the beach and get some sun (covered with a sunscreen head to toes...for some reason, as long as I use it, I do not get *any* tan... did any of you ever succeeded to get a tan while wearing a sunscreen? :/ )

To keep my hair away from my face and neck, I've chosen a stylish dutch braided updo from this video. Check out this post for more ideas on hairstyles for the beach.

Day 5: Cute hair bow updo

Thinking about what hairstyle to wear, I realized it's been a while since I wore a cute hair bow from this tutorial - a perfect hairstyle for the second day hair.

Day 6: Elegant rolled bun

It was just another very hot day, so keeping my hair up seemed like the best option. As usual, I did not feel like spending much time on my hair, so I went for an elegant rolled bun from this video. It creates an awesome illusion of thickness even in hair as thin as mine.

Day 7:  Unique side swept braid

By the end of the week I started to miss my extensions lol I was in a mood for a side swept braid and picked the one from this tutorial. I love the eye catching combo of a regular braid with twisted elements.

And how about you? Where did you go or plan to go this summer? And what hairstyles do you like to wear most on vacation? Let me know in the comments down below! :)



  1. Pics are amazing....& u are looking stunning as always....super likeeeee

  2. Мне все понравилось- и прически, и фото.... как с обложки глянцевых журналов! Спасибо, что поделилась! Постараюсь повторить.

  3. hello! I love your hair, they are beautiful ... thanks for all your advice. I'm from Argentina, my name is valeria. I write through a virtual translator because my English is not so good, but somewhat understand ... I send many kisses ... and I admire you-

  4. You're amazing lilith ,i love all your hairstyles <3 you're doing a great job thank you

  5. Ur so beautiful... n d hair styles r fabulous...

  6. Great photos and advices. Thank you for the tutorials. I have hair like those of a baby, too silky and it is difficult work with.

  7. hii lilith !!!! does the 7 day hairstly work on curly hair ??

  8. Твои волосы как всегда красивы, но что меня интересует.. Не было ли жарко с длинными распущенными волосами? У нас последние несколько дней стояла необычная жара и я не смогла носить свои новые extensions, т.к. ощущала себя как в шубе :/

  9. Ola amo muito os teus penteados,estou aprendendo muito contigo,estou fazendo curso de cabeleireiro e para mim ver teus tutoriais está sendo uma maravilha,obrigado por compartilhar teus trabalhos com nós.

  10. wow really awesome nice hairstyle i love it u looking so beautiful thanks for sharing........

  11. You look amazing! I'm absolutely loving the first two, you (and your hair) look gorgeous

  12. Amazing!
    I love this style that I tried by myself and you can check it here:
    Love your work!

  13. all of your hair styles and outfits were sooooo adorable!! This summer I will do the dutch braided one for the pool since my hair is long and i need to keep it out of the way!


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