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September 16, 2013

Cute and easy hairstyles for medium long hair: weekend in Geneva

Hey guys! A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I went for a lovely long weekend in Geneva, Switzerland. In this post I'll share with you all the highlights of my stay and hairstyles I was wearing. Most of them were super quick and easy to do, so hopefully they'll get your inspired to be even more creative with your hair.

Day 1

A morning train from Paris got us to Geneva in around 3 hours. The weather was wonderful, so we went exploring the city. It was a really hot day and I needed something to keep my hair away from my face and neck, so I decided to go for a super quick updo that you can see on the photo below. It's a real life saver when you're running out of time (or just being lazy) but still want to look like I've made an effort :) You can watch the tutorial here. In the video I've pre-curled my hair to get a more fancy look, while here I just used my natural straight hair.

Here is another photo. Can you see that little dragon on the left?
You can find them everywhere in Geneva and I really like them!  ;)

Day 2 

On the second day I decided to do something fun with my hair. There was only one problem: my dark roots have grown really long and I didn't touch them up before leaving. I hate hate hate photos with visible roots so I started to think what could I do about them. I remembered that one hairstyle of Rihanna with a bow headband and decided to give it a try. Strategically placed scarf has covered my roots really well ;) I firstly curled my hair with a flat iron and then pinned it into an updo just like I've shown in this video (I skipped the braid part). You can also check out my video on 10 ways to tie a head scarf.

I took the following photos in the hotel room against those super fun walls :)

We went for a walk to one of my very favorite places in any city - a botanic garden.
I was amazed to discover the biggest leaves I saw in my entire life. Again, I felt like a tiny Thumbelina from a fairy tail lol

The place was really beautiful, and here is another one by a lovely pond with water lilies. Here you can see my hairstyle even better.

We had a quick lunch with the most beautifully served "cafe gourmand" I ever had. Yumm!

Geneva stands on the border of a wonderful lake with a magnificent jet of water (Jet d'Eau) being its main attraction. We went for a long walk by the lake and I still can't believe that I saw a real rainbow right in the fountain!!! It really felt like seeing a miracle! And it's amazing how my camera actually captured the entire thing really well :) How magical is that?!

We hired a boat and went for a ride to see Geneva from another angle.

I even had my 5 minutes of fame as a captain lol

Another thing that got me really impressed is the amount of swans in the lake. There are hundreds of them and they are literally everywhere. Along with all kinds of ducks I never saw before :) You look at them and suddenly feel like you're in heaven!

Aren't they gorgeous? Couldn't miss the opportunity to take a picture with them! The only thing is that with my camera, it's either them in focus or me... So I decided to take two separate photos lol

For our dinner, I decided to change for something more elegant. My hair was already curly, so I just pinned it into a side bun using the technique I've shown in this tutorial.

Our dessert was another masterpiece that I had to capture for the record.

Day 3.

I have to tell you that Geneva is just CRAZY expensive, *but* they give you free bicycles to cycle for 4 hours. How surprising is that! So we decided to go for a ride outside of Geneva along the lake. I was in the mood for something playful, so I went for a side swept ponytail with a cute dutch braid in front. You can check out this video to learn how to create such a braid.

I wish I could cycle to countryside more often, it's so peaceful and relaxing!

In the evening, exhausted but happy, we had a dinner in an Indian gastronomic restaurant. Interior decor of the place and the art of serving food was beyond gorgeous.

Sometimes I find it hard to dig into my food when it looks so beautiful lol
Do you know that feeling? 

That evening I was just too tired to even think about what to do with my hair, so I just washed it and pinned the front section off my face to get that elegant effortless look.

Do you see this pink bobby pin? I was sooo happy when I found them :) I really hate using bobby pins in colors that do not match my hair lol so these ones were a real find!

That was the last day of our stay in Geneva and the next morning we returned back to Paris.
I'm already looking forward to the next summer so that I could start planning my following vacation! And how about you, guys? What places would you like to visit?



  1. Amazing post, thank you for sharing. Loved all your photos. I haven't been to Geneva yet, but visited Zurich, and south of Switzerland last year, and fell in love with Lugano. This year, I was on a trip to California and I used one of your styles with headband and side hair style. Now, just looking forward to my new purchase, bandable rollers, so I can curl my hair overnight.
    By the way, your pink colour looks amazing, it suits you very much and love your pin bobby pin ;)

  2. Miss Anastasia, thank you so much! I still have to come back to Switzerland to visit all those places that you mentioned :) Glad my videos can be of help for you! xxx

  3. Wow, what a great holiday! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Genevieve Lowcay, thanks a lot for your feedback! <3

  5. Hi, love you blog and youtube video's. Can you show us how to do

  6. c'mon!!! give us a look at your bf! please

  7. Cześć :). Uwielbiam Twoje filmiki na youtube i bloga :). Bez problemu można się z nich nauczyć samodzielnie tworzyć takie piękne fryzury. Odkąd trafiłam na Twoje tutoriale moja młodsza siostra przyjeżdżając do domu jest szczęśliwą posiadaczką codziennie nowej fryzury. Również sobie wykonuje kilka łatwiejszych fryzur, nawet nie myślałam, że jest tyle wersji warkocza ;) i te pomysły na wiązanie szalika... Inspirujesz i to bardzo. Do tego te cudowne zdjęcia z Genewy...Już trzeci raz je oglądam ;).Pozdrawiam serdecznie :).
    Ps. Powiedz w końcu coś po Polsku, czekam na to :D.

  8. @naliroka hej kochana, dzieki za tak wspanialy komentarz :) jest mi bardzo milo! :***

  9. You are a inspiration to me... and love all your videos. ..

  10. Your comment about the ducks cracked me up, since I grew up by Lake Geneva and these are the most common ducks in the world to me :p They have the most beautiful shimmery teal feathers, though.
    Hope you enjoyed your stay in my area!

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  13. bonjour lilith i am obviously ur great fan not only of ur hairs and styles also of ur beauty

    so can i see ur boy frnd cause i wanna know that who is that luckiest guy that got the heart of the princess of paris
    love u so much
    lots of love
    ayman afaq

  14. Lilith m your big fan .. i watch ur videos daily. And i try them for my office as well.but your wavy hair has given me confidence to have wavy hair
    thankyou for all the videos.

  15. So cute and nice hairstyles for long hair.Looking so cute and awesome.I like this post so much .You may like: 1960s hair

  16. Hey Lilith, i'm you big fan... i like your hairstiles because you're very stylish and creative... I would suggest my country for next summer (allways ;) It's Croatia... You would love it 'cause there is a lot of crowded places, but even calm nature... and a lot of national parks... There is the Krka river where you can even swim... But to not make this post to a guide book I am going to stop! You can take a look, hope you gonna like it, beye:-)

  17. I would like to say the content is so good and impressive just keep it up and best of luck...Hairstyles

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  19. So nice to see how you use your hair styles in real life situations. I'm curious about your motivation to make the videos? It must take lots of time.

    Ontario Canada

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