October 16, 2013

New hair color: dark blonde, or how to tone down bleached blonde hair

Quite honestly, dark blonde is one color I'd never consciously go for. I like platinum blonde, dark brown, black, red and all sorts of crazy hair colors like pink, blue, purple... just not dark blonde. Funny enough, it happens to be my natural hair color that I've been successfully hiding since I turned 14. This time I was going for a champagne beige blonde (something in between the color on the photos below and my usual platinum blonde). I have already tried many toners before, so I when I used L'Oreal Dialight 9.02 mixed with 9.03 (25ml 9.02 + 25ml 9.03 + 75ml 9vol Diactivator developer, left for 20min), I was expecting a much lighter color. Level 9 toners I tried from other companies were usually quite light. And especially since L'Oreal 10.02 (the next toner in their blondes range) did not change the lightness of my hair at all (neither it changed my hair color... so I wouldn't really recommend it). So I was quite shocked to discover how dark my hair has turned out. And really surprised to find out that I actually like it! :) It must be the most "natural" hair color I had in many many years and to me, it's more extreme than pink lol

I wonder how long will it last... Because no matter what toner I use, sooner than later it washes out completely exposing my platinum blonde as if it was never ever toned.
I give it 2 weeks... but we'll see :)

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