December 11, 2013

Greek goddess hairstyles

Hi guys! Many of you are asking me to show you some Greek goddess hairstyles, while I have already made quite a few of such tutorials for you to choose from. With over 230 videos that are now on my YouTube channel, it might be difficult to find them, so I prepared this selection for you. I love seeing your recreations, so feel free to post them on my facebook page or tag them #LilithMoonHairstyle on Instagram (my Instagram is @LilithMoonLife).

 So which look did you like most?


  1. i love the 3 rd one in short i love all of u

  2. 1. Such a intuitive design . absolutely breathtaking. Thanks so very much for posting. I almost got it down!

  3. Dear Lilith,
    My best friend is going to have an Indian wedding that will be for 4 days and I have 4 new Indian dresses for each day but I need ideas for 4 different hairstyles. Do you think you could do a tutorial for 4 hairstyles that will suit Indian clothing? Usually for weddings women tend to leave their hair long and not completely tied up and there will be dancing as well. I hope you help me out!

  4. The greatest benefit of getting the Greek Halloween costumes is that you can use them for other theme parties. Some of them can even be used as party gowns as they are real elegant and beautiful. history/famous-greek-goddesses/

  5. I used to do my girls' heads in this style when they were little. I always used my fingers. It was a few years later that the tool came out. LOL I find myself wondering if the fever isn't more a result of fibro. For more details Click This Link


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