December 11, 2013

Greek goddess hairstyles

Hi guys! Many of you are asking me to show you some Greek goddess hairstyles, while I have already made quite a few of such tutorials for you to choose from. With over 230 videos that are now on my YouTube channel, it might be difficult to find them, so I prepared this selection for you. I love seeing your recreations, so feel free to post them on my facebook page or tag them #LilithMoonHairstyle on Instagram (my Instagram is @LilithMoonLife).

 So which look did you like most?


  1. i love the 3 rd one in short i love all of u

  2. 1. Such a intuitive design . absolutely breathtaking. Thanks so very much for posting. I almost got it down!

  3. Dear Lilith,
    My best friend is going to have an Indian wedding that will be for 4 days and I have 4 new Indian dresses for each day but I need ideas for 4 different hairstyles. Do you think you could do a tutorial for 4 hairstyles that will suit Indian clothing? Usually for weddings women tend to leave their hair long and not completely tied up and there will be dancing as well. I hope you help me out!


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