May 08, 2014

My hair care routine, color and diet

Hi guys! This post is a response to one of your most frequent requests to share with you my hair routine from start to finish and give you some tips for growing healthier hair. All my favorite products are listed below. The conditioners that I use are all great for dry, damaged, blonde or colored hair.  Applied only to the dry ends, they'll minimize their splitting and help you get longer hair faster (since you won't need to trim split ends that often). They can be also used to tame frizzy hair. Though if your hair tends to be oily and flat, these products might be a bit too intense for you.

I listed all the products that I use below the video!

Love you,

SHAMPOOS: John Frieda Sheer Blonde, Schwarzkopf Essense Ultime, Schwarzkopf Bonacure Color Freeze (it's a purple shampoo that eliminates brassy undertones, it's more of a toner and I'll talk about it in detail in one of my following videos).

CONDITIONERS: L'Oreal Mythic Oil, Shu Uemura Full Shimmer, John Frieda Sheer Blonde, John Frieda Brilliant Brunette (transparent one), 40 ml conditioner that comes with L'Oreal Excellence hair dye (this one is always my #1 - it comes with a box hair dye that my mother uses and since she doesn't need any conditioner, she gives it to me! :)

TEXTURIZING/STYLING: Wella SP series products (I use them after shower on towel dried hair), L'Oreal TXT products (to texturize dry hair when you need it to be less silky).

BLEACH: L'Oreal Blondys + 30 vol developer. My hair was always bleached professionally, but I changed many hairdressers and products before I found the best one in terms of resulting color and hair condition -  Blondys. Yet after 3 years of bleaching my hair still got quite damaged... Now I'm convinced that it's inevitable for people with naturally thin hair that is no lighter than level 6.1 (dark ashy blonde which looks like a light brown).

HAIR DYE: Schwarzkopf Igora Royal + 30vol developer. I tried 9-1, 10-1, 10-2, 12-1, 12-11, 12-19 yet they all produced the exactly same result. Speaking professionally, I get 8-3, or a golden blonde base color. None of the hair dyes I tried lightened my hair more than that. 12 series could have potentially lightened my hair even more if they'd mix it with a more intense 40vol developer, but my hairdresser was strongly against it and I decided not to risk it. To get a more ashy shade, next month I'll be trying to mix into my hair dye a 0-11 tone neutralizer. Should it work, I'll report it here. I'll be also switching to an even darker base color using 8-1 and 9-1 mixed with 20 vol developer. This way I hope to cause less damage to my hair since 20 vol developer is less harsh than a 30 vol one. Then, every couple of months I'll be adding highlights to make my hair lighter.

HIGHLIGHTS: My highlights are done with L'Oreal ammonia-free Platinium mixed with 20 vol developer. I firstly tried "open air" highlihts yet they were not light enough (only 1 tone lighter than the base color) so now I have them wrapped in a special paper (not alluminium) which keeps the product active for longer and allows me to get a properly platinum blonde result.

HEATLESS OVERNIGHT CURLS: On a daily basis I curl my hair overnight with Jumbo Curlers available on
In the bottom of you can find my tutorials on how to use them. Not only they are "healthy" for your hair and save you a lot of time curling your hair while you are asleep, they also produce very long lasting curls which are perfect for creating all sorts of curly updos.

HAIR EXTENSIONS: Glam Time Hair clip-in extensions from
I use Vanilla Blonde #60 and Dark Blonde #18 mixing wefts of different colors to get an effect of instant highlights.

SCALP OILING: castor and burdock oils. Watch this video for all the details!

DIET SUPPLEMENT: Hairfinity formulated with essential nutrients for healthy hair growth from the inside out . It promotes faster growing, longer, thicker and stronger hair.
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  1. Hi I have a few questions about the Igora Neutralizers. I recently dyed my hair using Igora royal in shade 7.0, but my roots turned out a little orange.

    I have the Igora Royal Neutralizer in 0-22 (anti-orange) which I should have used to mix in with the dye but is there anyway of using it after dying the hair?

    Does it need to be mixed in with developer again and if so what strength volume?
    Also how much of the neutralizer should I use?

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  3. Very helpful integration of information beneficial to get healthy hair in natural way. .If you want healthy and shiny hair then you need daily care for that. Using expensive cosmetics only can not better treat you hair. It is very important that it is included in you daily hair care routine.

    Here in this section we are giving you some easy hair care routine maintaining tips. What should I Include In My Hair Care Routine

  4. i wanted to get a deep blue tinge for my black hair. will 0-22 schwarzkopf be enough?

  5. Such cute and fun hairstyles! The steps are simple to follow and I cannot wait to try! I'm so glad you like it. For more facts about black hair highlights Click this over here now.


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