May 15, 2014

Night of Hairstyles - La Nuit de La Coiffure

Hi everyone! Today I'll share with you my super exciting experience at the first Night of Hairstyles  (La Nuit de la Coiffure) organized by L'Oreal Professionnel in Paris on May 14.

100 awesome hair stylists and 1000 lucky girls (including myself) were invited to try the most trendy looks of the season including messy braids, beach waves and Hairchalk. The event took place at Pavillon des Champs Elysées in a club-like atmosphere. A box of candies and a glass of champagne to get the hair party started, and let the good times begin!

My hair stylist for the night was Thoraya from Salon O'Studio. She asked me what kind of a hairstyle I'd like her to create and I told her that anything braided, rather soft and somewhat messy would do :) My own hair is super flat and slippery, so Thoraya has texturized it first. She sprayed my roots with a Super Dust powder (from TecniArt series, L'Oreal Professionnel) and the lengths with a Next Day Hair from Wild Stylers.

Those product immediately transformed my hair giving it that body and texture that makes teasing and styling way easier.

Thoraya teased my crown and braided the hair on the sides.

On these photos you can see what her "work in progress" looked like, but I actually loved that look as well. It had that Glam Rock feel to it and I'll be sure to recreate it some time soon :)

Next, Thoraya has crossed the braids at the back of my head and dutch braided the remaining hair. Below you can see the finished look. How do you like it? Personally, I really enjoyed it, it was exactly the kind of a hairstyle I wanted to wear that night. And the braid at the back makes me think of Elsa from Frozen (if she decided to party and got her hair looking more messy than usual ;)

My friend Laura aka Kihouu on YouTube was also there. She went for wild swept look with a lace braid. Isn't her hair gorgeous?! I can't wait to film some more tutorials for you with her as a model :)

Hair stylists did their job really well! Each look was done in 10-30 minutes and I don't think I saw two same hairstyles! It was really impressive to see hundreds of girls with amazing and unique hairstyles! Sorry I didn't take many pictures, I still have to work on my paparazzi skills.... lmao

Below you can see Julien Brion who works in Salon BJ'S Capilliculteur. I met Julien at L'Oreal Professionnel Style Battle competition and really loved his work. He's got that perfect sense of hair fashion and we plan to make a video collaboration soon, so stay tuned for exciting videos :)

So to sum up, I had a really great time that night and I hope that this kind of events will become popular in the future. How awesome it is to get your hair styled and party at the same time?! I just still have to decide would I let boys in later on lololol

And you had a chance to come for a Night of Hairstyles, what look would you like to try out? Let me know in the comments down below!



  1. your style is fabulous. I look forward to every blog/video

  2. Love the hair style and you are beautiful! Wish you can make a vid about this look! Kisses

  3. I loved this event. The hairstyles looks amazing, your braided hairstyle really looks like Elsa's Frozen...You looks like Elsa's !!! lol
    Very nice to watch these hairstylists working, hope that these L'oreal products are selling in another countries too.
    I'm exciting to watch your next videos...inviteds are always cool. Different techiniques to learn ! \o/
    I would like to watch all these hairstyles and learn to make textures with some products.
    Xx from Brazil

  4. That hairstyle is amazing! I would wear it to a dance or a night out! I have a wedding to attend soon and I may try to recreate this look :-]

  5. wow its amazing hairstyles call

  6. How beautiful! I wish I could also come and try out a messy braid!

  7. love the hairstyle! i'm in love with braids!


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