June 22, 2014

Purple Shampoo for blonde or bleached hair

If your ombre, highlighted or bleached blonde hair has gotten a bit too brassy for your taste, purple shampoo can be your life saver! Unlike expensive toners that cost a fortune yet wash out really quickly, a bottle of a purple shampoo will last you for months toning down any brassiness (yellow or orange undertones) the moment you spot it.

Watch my tutorial to discover all the secrets of purple shampoo: what is it, how to choose and apply it and what are its limitations. I'll also give you an insight into very exciting Color Theory explaining how exactly purple shampoo works to neutralize yellow pigments in your hair :)

My favorite purple shampoo is Color Freeze by Schwarzkopf. To briefly review it, I love it since it's really well pigmented and tones down my hair really well without drying it out (but of course, I still use my regular conditioner afterwards). Also, it foams really well being really comfortable to use (which was not the case with some other brands that I tried).

If you're already using a purple shampoo, let me know which one! I'll be happy to discover new great brands :)

And if you have any questions, post them down below!



  1. Hi Lilith,
    I am from Portugal and I have been living in Ireland for 2 years now. I also have lovely dark blonde ombre hair prone to brassiness. I don't know if this brand is available where you live, because it doens't exit in Portugal, for example. I've been using this range of products from Pro-Voke, called Touch of Siver. I use the Daily Shampoo whenever i need to wash my hair and the Twice A Week Brightning Shampoo on Wednesday and Saturday. It doens't discolourate your hair but eliminates the orange/yellow tones efficiently. It foams nicely and deeply removes built up. I also use the Conditioner every once in a while but honestly it's not as nice, because it's a light conditioner and i does nothing for dry ends, except helping toning it down. Also, if you want a really good conditioner for your blonde hair, that really makes the difference, I would suggest the Herbal Essences Conditioner from the line Sensuously Smooth (with banana flower, chinese cinnamon and ginger oil. It doens't smell like cinnamon at all, but it has the most amazing flowery/fruity smell ever). It belongs to the Herbal Essences Originals Collection and once again I don't know if it's available where you live. Well, that's my preference when it comes to sublime hair. And trust me, I tried at least every shampoo and conditioner from Boots. Hope it helps. Kisses*

    1. Hey Angela, thank you so much for sharing your beauty secrets! :)) It was very helpful! xxx

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