August 31, 2014

How to grow your hair longer/thicker and stop hair loss, faster!

Version Francaise  Русская версия

In my new video I share with you my scalp oiling routine. Hope it will help you grow thicker, longer and healthier hair faster. I show you how I apply Burdock root oil extract and Castor oils directly onto my scalp and what results I achieved after 18 months of such a treatment. I noticed a significant improvement in my hair thickness, while many other girls often experienced faster hair regrowth! :) My favorite burdock oil is Evalar (репейное масло Эвалар).

Both Burdock root and Castor oils have similar benefits for your hair. Providing nutritional support to hair follicles, they are used to

  •  combat hair loss,
  •  reduce and reverse hair thinning, 
  • promote thicker hair, 
  • improve hair strength, shine and body, 
  • condition your scalp.

Scalp oiling won't affect the hair that you already have, but they deliver important nutrient to your hair bulbs so that new hair is thicker and healthier. Just take a look at my braid! 18 months ago, my hair was so thin that I thought I'd do literally anything to make it thicker. So I committed to this entire scalp oiling routine. Ever since my hair has grown out ~10''/25cm and the base of my braid starts to look relatively thick. Well, let's be realistic: I'll never have properly thick hair, but at least it's getting "normal/average" instead of "terribly thin". Yay!

Let me know what's your own experience with scalp/hair oiling in the comments below! :)
If you know some other oils that can be used for scalp oiling to accelerate hair regrowth and make your hair thicker, I'd love to discover them :)

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August 30, 2014

Clinique Sonic System brush and 3-Step skin care review


It's been around 2 months that I've been testing Clinique's latest innovation: a purifying cleansing brush called "Sonic System" as well as their 3-Step system for combination/oily skin.

Makeup removal is the most important part of my skin care routine. I have quite a sensitive rather oily skin and whenever I don't give it proper cleaning (for example, when I'm travelling or - VERY rarely - go to sleep with my makeup on), it IMMEDIATELY breaks out. It's also prone to those very hard to eliminate "under the skin" spots.... I'm not sure what are they called in English?? These little guys can be a real nightmare, so I do my best to prevent them from attacking my skin.  Clinique's Sonic System brush brought my makeup removal routine to the next level! And combined with their 3-Step system from oily/combination skin, I can enjoy soft, spotless skin that is smoother than ever :) Even my pores look tighter!

August 08, 2014

Dreamy backlit photoshoot ft. Mr. Cat

Version Francaise     Русская версия

Some time ago I saw some amazing glowing photos and got really curious if it was photoshop or not lol... I asked my friend (and my favorite portrait and wedding fotographer in Paris) Ian Holmes what were his thoughts about it. He told me that the photos were real, and the trick was in mysterious back lighting. The other day we met and had an improvised photoshoot :))

Just take a look at those pics below, I still can't believe they're "real" lololol

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