August 30, 2014

Clinique Sonic System brush and 3-Step skin care review


It's been around 2 months that I've been testing Clinique's latest innovation: a purifying cleansing brush called "Sonic System" as well as their 3-Step system for combination/oily skin.

Makeup removal is the most important part of my skin care routine. I have quite a sensitive rather oily skin and whenever I don't give it proper cleaning (for example, when I'm travelling or - VERY rarely - go to sleep with my makeup on), it IMMEDIATELY breaks out. It's also prone to those very hard to eliminate "under the skin" spots.... I'm not sure what are they called in English?? These little guys can be a real nightmare, so I do my best to prevent them from attacking my skin.  Clinique's Sonic System brush brought my makeup removal routine to the next level! And combined with their 3-Step system from oily/combination skin, I can enjoy soft, spotless skin that is smoother than ever :) Even my pores look tighter!

So here's how Sonic System works. Once you turn it on, it starts to vibrate and this sonic action gently sweeps skin clean and lifts makeup, dirt and oil that hand washing may miss.

Clinique recommends to brush your face twice a day for  30 seconds:
  • 5 seconds on forehead,
  • 5 seconds on nose,
  • 5 seconds on chin,
  • 15 seconds  combined on cheeks avoiding around the eye area.
Pressing the button will activate the brush vibrations and it will turns off automatically after 30 seconds. If you wish, you can double the cleansing time - that's what I usually do since I don't feel like 30 seconds is enough for me. Sometimes I can spend up to 2 minutes brushing my face... simply because I really enjoy the entire procedure lol... So it's great that this brush has a really long battery life! It takes 24 hours for the brush to charge (there's a regular charger and a USB charger!) and a fully charged battery lasts ~3 hours.

You simply need to moisten your skin, apply some cleanser onto your brush and massage your skin.

The brush has two bristle types
  •  soft white ones for your cheeks  
  •  firm green ones for your T-zone and hard to reach areas
On your cheeks, you go in a circular motion, while to clean your T-zone, you need to tilt the brush head and move it in up-and-down motion. I love those green bristles - they're perfect for cleaning the areas around my nose which are hard to reach otherwise.

Clinique says that for the best results you need to replace the brush head every 3 months, or when you notice the bristles are worn out. But it's been almost 2 months I've been using this brush and it still looks like new. So I don't think I'll be replacing my head any sooner than in 4 months from now ;)

Since it's waterproof, I usually take it to the shower and use it as a part of my relaxation routine :)

I really like how my skin feels purified without feeling "stripped". And after a couple of weeks of using this Sonic System, I noticed that my complexion has improved.

Below are the products I've been testing together with my Sonic System.
Those are Clinique's 3-Step products for combination/oily skin type (comfortable in the cheeks, oily/shiny in T-zone):
  • Liquid Facial Soap for oily skin
  • Clarifying Lotion 3
  • Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
as well as Superdefense SPF-20 daily defense moisturizer.

Twice a day, morning and night, I repeat the following steps.

Step 1:  I clean my skin using some soap and Sonic Sytem.

The great thing about the soap is that it does not leave my skin feeling too dry. And the pump is very practical! I love when I can get my soap with only one hand movement :)

I thought I'd also mention that it is totally fragrance-free. 

Step 2: I follow with a toner, or Clarifying Lotion 3.

This one smells soooo great, like a real caramel candy :)) A true motivator when you're feeling lazy to take care of your skin!

Toner is something that can really surprise you... You wash your face with a soap and you think your skin is clean, right? Well, just go over it with this toner and take a look at your cotton pad. You'll see how much makeup residue it can still remove from your skin!!! Actually, since I started using my Sonic System brush, I don't have this problem anymore (so another "thumbs up" for the brush) BUT without it, there's always a lot of makeup residue left to clean up with this lotion. I really like a feeling of squeaky clean skin that it gives! And since this lotion is alcohol-based, it's great to disinfect my skin and prevent any break out.

Step 3: I moisturize my skin with a Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel.

It's an awesome product that moisturizes my combination skin without making it appear oily. That's my #1 criteria for a moisturizer and this product gets an A+ from me!  Then again, I love the design of the packaging and the practical pump :)  

The good thing about Clinique's next day cream that I tested, Superdefense SPF20, is that it offers a relatively high for a moisturizing cream UVA/UVB protection, and it does a great job moisturizing my skin. BUT it's a bit too "rich" for my skin. It leaves a kind of a shiny oily film on the surface and I need to apply some powder foundation over it to mattify my skin. So this one will go to my mom since her mature skin has higher chances to absorb it :)

I also tested two Chubby Sticks - a moisturizing lip colour balm and shadow tint for eyes. Shadow tint didn't impress me too much. I liked the texture, but the color didn't really compliment my eyes. But lip color is just awesome, you can see me wearing it in my Dreamy Backlit Photoshoot. I have very sensitive dry lips and I'm a real lipstick eater, yet this balm last for many hours leaving my lips feeling moisturized. Yay!

Let me know what's your skin routine in the comments down below :) And if you also have combination/oily skin, I'd love to discover the products that you love!



  1. You made me curious about this brush! I live in the UK so we have clinique products anywere,so i will try it. I am nearly the same age like you with 2 chilldren, and these days i was wondering how can i clean more deeply my face...anywere if i have a daily routine it is not enough,ther are dark spots on the you motivated me to ty this brush.Spasibo bolishoe,dorogaya! ya uje za vami nabliudaiu bolishe goda,vi prosto prelesti,stoliko vsevo ot vas naucilasi! thank you a lot!

  2. I also have this Lotion and love the way it smells! I didn't know about this new brush, thanks for sharing your experience with it :)

  3. Its so helpful :) I decided to buy some clarisonic but its so expensive. This thing from Clinique is cheaper and work wery well i look :)

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