August 08, 2014

Dreamy backlit photoshoot ft. Mr. Cat

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Some time ago I saw some amazing glowing photos and got really curious if it was photoshop or not lol... I asked my friend (and my favorite portrait and wedding fotographer in Paris) Ian Holmes what were his thoughts about it. He told me that the photos were real, and the trick was in mysterious back lighting. The other day we met and had an improvised photoshoot :))

Just take a look at those pics below, I still can't believe they're "real" lololol

Sooo dreamy, they almost look surreal!! I have to tell you that Ian is one of those magicians who knows how to make people look beautiful in photos. That's what you expect from a professional photographer, right?! But then... I've no idea why, but 80% of my photo shoots with other photographers turn out to be a complete disaster! Sometimes I feel like their goal is to bring out all my imperfections :/ and looking at their work I have only 2 thoughts:
1) I take MUCH better photos myself!
2) I need some plastic surgery, NOW!
Well, since I'm not really serious about (2), I settle with (1). But boy, isn't it fantastic to finally have your photos taken by someone like Ian?! Here, my first (and last) thought is "Ian, is that really me?!" and what a pleasure it is to hear back "Sure, I don't use photoshop!" :)))   

So the 2 photos above are exactly what I was dreaming about for my vanity portfolio! :D

And then a mysterious stranger appeared and graciously deigned to feature in my photos ;)
Mr. Cat is a natural born model, don't you think?! Though at this point both of us would benefit from a low calorie diet hahaha... I started mine right after I got back from Italy and I already lost 3 kilos (yaaay!). The first ones are always easy to drop, but the following ones are really stubborn. Anyways, here we are, chubby and cute :p

Do you have pets? Mr. Cat made me feel like I'd loooove to have a kitty.... but now that I have 3 birds it could be a very deadly idea :/ So I'll stick to cuddling my feathered babies ;)  

Let me know what's your experience with photographers in the comments down below :)  And who's usually responsible for taking your photos? In my case, it's always me setting up the camera. Then I just pass it over to an entrusted person for pressing the button :) 



  1. Very nice photographer!
    I recently got married and had two photographers, one who's just graduated as a Photographer and a guy who does photography as a hobby.
    The educated one was my bridesmaid so it was up to the hobby guy to take the photos during the ceremony...he also took photos during the reception afterwards.

    We recieved 17 pictures in total from the hobby guy after the wedding... some had really weird angles (my hips looked HUGE D;) and stuff was in front of my face...
    But a few were quite good so that's nice, I shouldnt complain...

    However, the photos I've seen that my bridesmaid took are absolutely AMAZING, she's fantastic!! The angles, the light and the attention to detail is key to a good photo and she really did a good job!
    We havent seen them all but here's one of them (if the link works)

    Although I'm quite awkward in front of the camera, I really dont know how to stand and pose, but it feels silly to "practise" positions!
    Do you practise in front of a mirror? :)

    1. Hey Tina! Thanks for the comment! Oh yeah, the link worked and you look stunning! I wonder how that other person managed to make your hips look huge?! I actually don't practice in front of a mirror but I think I should :) Sometimes after a photoshoot I realise I chose totally weird poses and I regret I didn't "prepare" my poses before. But in my experience, the best photos are those when you feel very comfortable 1) being yourself and 2) around the photographer. Then you don't take it seriously, it's more of a fun and you look natural. Unfortunately, I don't feel comfortable around everyone. Recently I had terrible photoshoot with one guy from L'Oreal Professional together with other bloggers. We all agreed how stressful it was to pose for him and none of us liked the final photos! He was looking down at us telling us that whatever we did was bad... His face was saying "You're not a professional model, what are you doing here?" He was forcing us to do things we didn't feel comfortable doing and the photos turned out to be terrible :/ Yet funny enough, that same day my friend took backstage photos with my own camera (I've set it up myself) and those pics turned out to be soooo much better! :) Not as good as Ian's though haha...

    2. thank you! :)
      It just clicks with some people, and others are just weird...specially when the moment is captured in a picture you can really see it =/ sucks that that dude had a bad attitude, he cant be that professional if he cant handle all kinds of people...some people are better at dealing with people than others :)

      Next time I'm going to need a photographer I'll see if I click with the person and also talk it through with them about what kind of pictures we're taking, so weird stuff doesnt happen....
      if these links work you'll see what I mean..

      I wish I had a photographer like Ian! Someone who knows what they're talking about...
      My bridesmaid is from Canada and I'm from Sweden, so we dont see eachother that often at all =/

      how do you know Ian, and where did you get that gorgeous cat from?! :D
      I love cats, they're so soft and cuddly but they have a mind of their own...they have to accept you and they love you on THEIR conditions, you cant bribe them ;)

  2. Very beautiful photos Lilith! You look wonderful! I have to have my senior pictures taken soon and you gave me the idea of posing with my dog! (Who is my precious baby [: ) I just wanted to let you know for my photoshoot I will be wearing some of your hairstyles courtesy of my Nume lustrum set I got with your discount! :]

  3. Lilith, you do not need plastic surgery and you do not need to lose weight. As I've said before and will say again, you are beautiful inside and out. It shows through in all your videos and photos. Mr. Kitty is a cutie too. I love that you love all animals, fur, feathers, etc. Much Love!

  4. Sometimes it is not necessary to use PS to make pictures look nicer. A camera has it own settings, which could be adjusted. And picture could be not real as well. In your case, the pictures are very light which eliminate shadows. It is done with light adjustment. Is it real? - NO, but it is nice. For good photo you need a good photographer who can see your face in the best position, good camera, and PS. I believe it is not possible for a camera to compete with the eye. Our eye can see much more than any professional camera. That is why PS is needed to return colors which camera was not able to perceive. Thus, when you do not like your pictures - the only problem photographer because it is how he or she sees you. Not every photographer is professional. :) No surgery - just a good photographer!!! :)

  5. I know the problem with photographers. I always felt I look bad on passport pictures. My last ones were good, althoug my hair got messed up beneath my beanie (it was winter) and I was not allowed to war it on the passport picture.

  6. You are looking very pretty in pics. Your hairstyle and mr at is gorgeous.

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