September 23, 2014

Essie Pro manicure + Contest


It's been a while since I had my nails done professionally, and it was quite a pleasure to get a manicure at Pro&Vidence last week. I decided to test their new Essie Holiday collection and picked this sparkling golden nail polish applied over a nude base coat. I needed something glamorous, versatile and *importantly* something that would cover my 3mm false nails regrowth lol

3 weeks ago I've applied gel nails to make a smooth transition from short to long natural nails and I don't plan to re-fill the gel. I just want to let my own nails grow under it and I'll file off the gel once my nails are long enough. So nail polishes with a non-uniform texture are a perfect solution for such a transition period since they mask the edge between false nails and your own ones :)

Once the fake nails are gone, I plan to try out Essie's semi-permanent gel nails, they have over 30 colors to choose from! Those are actually best-sellers from their collection of  ~200 regular nail polishes. I've been wearing semi-permanent nail polishes for almost 2 years, but I didn't try the once from Essie yet.

Delicate dusted pink is my favorite color these days, I have soooo much shoes, bags and accessories in this color, and these nails match all of them perfectly.

For my last birthday I got a new Macro lens for my camera to take better close up pictures, so here I played around with it. I quite like the quality and how it creates a really shallow depth of the field with blurry backgrounds :) I feel like I need more time with it though!

And as far as Essie nail polishes are concerned, I think they're just unbeatable when it comes to the choice of colors they offer!

Essie nail polishes are a real eye candy, I could just meditate looking at all those pretty things!

And now a contest for my followers*: if you'd like to have your nails done at Pro&Vidence, go to my Facebook or Instagram @LilithMoonLife and leave a comment below my manicure photo saying what's your favorite nail polish color :) I'll contact the winner on October 11. Be careful: there are many scammers who pretend to be me! I'll never ask you to fill in any forms or pay any fees, only your email address to send you further details!
* the contest is open worldwide, but in order to enter, you should be able to come to Pro&Vidence nail bar in Paris.




  1. Gorgeous nails! One day I'll have to try something like this!

  2. Love it ♥ .. H wonder ur nails are !!


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