September 07, 2014

Fall makeup tutorial: Summer don't go!

Here comes another bright makeup tutorial that I often turn to when I'm in the mood for a splash of color and want to make my eyes pop. It's something I like to wear to match bright statement elements of my outfit  - shoes, a belt or a bag. Or when I want match a color present in my dress to make my entire look even more complete.

Say Hi to Sunny, my baby cockatiel :)

I used teal and turquoise shades that really bring out the color of my eyes, but feel free to try out this makeup with different shades of blue or purple. Just find 3 matching shades (light, medium and dark) and go ahead! :)

For this makeup I used
  • Dior #374 Blue Lagoon eyeshadow palette 
  • Bourjois #55 Vert Pepite eye pencil
  • Too Faced "Better than sex" mascara
  • Too Faced blush
  • Bourjois #59 lip gloss
That's what this makeup looks like with different eye colors.

In my opinion it's perfect for green, hazel and brown eyes, it's nice for grey eyes, while in case of blue eyes I'd use complimentary blue-toned shades instead of green-toned ones.

So what's your eye color? :)



  1. Thanks for the preview with different eye colors! :)

  2. hi im Lesa-sha and I LOVE Lilith moon and all her videos thx Lilith your videos are awesome. I like this one

  3. Just tried it and it looks awesome with my hazel eyes ^^


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