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November 08, 2014

Casual fall look

It got really cold in Paris and I thought I wouldn't cycle till spring 2015... but the temptation was bigger than me! And a bit of sunshine was really promising :)

One strange thing about me is that I can't cycle in cold weather ://// unless I have my ears covered! Otherwise I get an unbearable ear/throat pain. So even though normally I wouldn't wear a headband that covers my ears before the temperature drops to 0C (and today it was +15C), today I reached out for one just to feel comfy on my bike :)

I think I'm still in denial with the fact that winter is around the corner.... So I matched my headband with a Guess bag and boots :) A bit of fresh dusted pink color makes me feel like fall doesn't have to be all dark and boring after all. I just need to decide to break the rules and blend my discretely (?) spring/summer clothes into my fall/winter wardrobe! ;)

You often ask me to make a video about hairstyles that could be warn with a hat and soon I'll make one :) Today I just wanted to show you an idea on a quick and easy look that goes great with fall/winter headbands :) It's just a hair bow updo from this hair tutorial. Now sure if this version looks like a bow, but I really like it anyway haha... Reminds me of Victory Rolls so popular in 40s and unbeatable when it comes flirty girly looks! I yet have to film a series of videos inspired by gorgeous Pin Up girls....

Here are a couple of close ups on the hairstyle... love the blurred background of maple tree leaves :))) I have to admit that one thing I totally love about the fall is its colors!

This hairstyle tutorial:

Hope you're enjoying fall!

Many hugs,

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  1. The casual fall look indeed matches the season and more people would consider dressing in a similar fashion. You can also get stylish and trendy clothes for creating your fall look.


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