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November 11, 2014

Summer flashback with a Gibson roll

Hey guys! What's your favorite go to hairstyle when you have just 10 minutes to glam up? For me it's Gibson tuck from this hair tutorial. You can watch it in French or in Russian as well :) It's so versatile that you can easily wear to any formal or casual event. With or without accessories, depending on your style and occasion. This time I wore it an a super casual way :)

There are many ways to decorate your Gibson roll: with braids (dutch, french or lace braids), twists or regular flowers or hair bows. Here I went for a french lace braid.

I created only one braid, but you could have two, one on either side of your head.

The great thing about this hairdo is that it taken only a couple of minutes to do and it's suitable for both long and medium length hair. Straight, wavy or curly! :)

So if you'd like to learn how to recreate this super quick and easy look, watch my tutorial ;)

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