March 22, 2015

Exotic birds exhibition in Qatar


Hey guys! Wanna meet my new feathered friends? Then keep on reading :))

Now that I'm in Qatar where it's recommended to cover shoulders and avoid mini skirts/dresses, I faced quite a fashion challenge. It's +30C/86F and when it's that hot, I normally wear very light summer dresses. I spent a moment going through my clothes and resurfaced one of the very few longish skirts that I didn't wear for ages. I paired it with quite an airy top, and that's as conservative as I could get lol

These days I'm trying out new fishtail braided hairstyles for the future tutorials, and that's the one I was wearing.

I just cannot get enough of fishtail braids!

If you follow me on my social networks, you know that I'm a bird lady :) I'm a proud mother to 2 cockatiels and a budgie. Whenever I have an opportunity to see more birds, I take it! So I absolutely had to attend the exotic birds exhibition in Aspire Park near Doha, Qatar. And I honestly didn't expect it to be as great as it was. Bird owners placed their super tamed and friendly parrots on perches in the middle of the park and all visitors could come and meet them and take pictures.

It was the first time I got to play with a African Grey (the one of the photo below).

I always had a weakness for Cockatoos, but never had a chance to touch one. The little guy from the following photo made my dreams come true! He was super cuddly and kept his wings up asking for cuddles underneath :))

Then I met this gaawgeous girly called Pinky :)))

I can officially say that it was love at first sight!

When I picked her up, all she wanted to do it kiss :)))))))

But the moment I smiled... she decided to check out my teeth!!!
...and I have to confess I'm REALLY scared of dentists, even those feathered ones!!!!!

But seriously, can these creatures be any more friendly and curious? #InLove

Then I got to meet this stunning Macaw....

He also wanted to give me a kiss but I decided to stay faithful to Pinky and pulled back :)

But I gave him all sorts of cuddles :) Just like my cockatiels, he loved to be stroked on his neck.

He got so comfortable on my hand that the next 10 minutes he spent grooming his feathers.

As you can tell, I had a wonderful day with all these lovely birds :)

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before I get my own Cockatoo or Macaw!

And how about you? Do you have pet? If not, would you like one? 



  1. i want to meet you ! i live in qatar. can u be at dafna park? on friday plz answer

    1. Sorry, I'm returning to Paris tomorrow! xoxo

    2. its okay! so do you like qatar? i hope you enjoy in qatar.i love you tutorials and i have tried them on sister and friends and they loved it.and i love ur smile :P

  2. Такие лапочки! Так и хочется их потискать!))

    1. даааа, я уже жду следующую выставку!!!

  3. I had a dog for 17 years, but she died of cancer last year. It was an incredible pain for my husband and me. We cried a lot, but she was suffering and there was nothing we could do.
    It was a great friend and made me company when I left my city (São Paulo) and went to live in a city in the mountains (Campos do Jordao).
    She took care of me, I never felt alone or unprotected when my husband was traveling. She was always around.
    I miss Sarah.
    I moved to a bigger house, I have a large yard, but do not know if I want another dog. We are just my husband and I, when we need to travel we have to leave our pet in a hotel. My family lives in São Paulo, do not like to bother people to come feed and take care of my pet when I'm away from home. So, I guess I will not have another pet.
    Not to mention that it is very painful when they die.
    Oh, and I'm not afraid of the dentist. I'll see me every six months, as will any other doctor. Without fear.
    Xx from Brazil

    1. oh I'm so sorry about your loss... and congratulations on your great teeth genetics! I visit dentists quite often, but they always have bad news for me :/ somehow men in my family have amazing teeth and women, quite the opposite (while they eat pretty much the same food and take care of their teeth in the same manner!)


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