March 05, 2015

Smokey eyes makeup tutorial


Finally, here comes a party makeup tutorial on a sultry and charming look perfect for a night out. I went for a classic soft smokey eyes with nude lips that complements all eye colors (brown, hazel, green, blue, grey). Even beginners can do it, just follow my step by step instructions :) I used some long wear products (primer, lipstick, liner) that will help this makeup last all night long if you plan to dance till dawn ;)

This time I chose brown and golden shades, but you could also choose grey and silver once, or even dark blue, purple or green - depending on your mood, eye color, outfit :) As far as lipstick is concerned, you could try out some lively colors on your lips as well. They are totally back in fashion, so why not match your lips to your accessories? Especially if you're going clubbing and plan to wear this makeup at night :)

I'd love to see your recreations on Instagram with @LilithMoonLife #LilithMoonMakeup.

Linked videos:
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✿ How to grow lashes naturally
✿ Teal smokey eyes

Products I used:
Lip balm: SOS lip repair, Nivea
BB cream: Beauty Balm, Too Faced
Compact powder and bronzer: Cocoa Powder, Too Faced
Brow pencil: Revlon
Primer: Smashbox
Eye shadows: Natural Eyes palette, Too Faced
Liner: They're Real, Benefit
Curler for lashes: Shu Uemura
Mascara: Better than Sex, Too Faced
Lipstick: Melted, Too Faced
Brushes: Sephora's blending brush and smokey eyes brush.


  1. Lilith, your eye colour is just incredible! Going to recreate this!<3

  2. Video you have shared in this post is really awesome to know about this Smokey eye makeup.

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