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April 13, 2015

Fusion braid and happy puffers


Hi guys! Today I'd like to share with you the results on my hair experiment on vacation in Szczecin in Poland. I combined different types of braids to create a fusion faux hawk look that I totally love.
It's the first time I actually used my Glam Time clip-in hair extensions for a hairstyle where braids start really high at the back of my head. The trick was to use only 3-clip and 2-clip wefts, disregard any extensions showing while braiding and make necessary adjustments at the end.

From the front this hairstyle reminds me of Elsa's voluminous french braid :)

I'm sooo happy bright colors are back of trend and this sky blue puffer waistcoat was love at first sight :) It's perfect for this time of the year when the temperature changes throughout the day.

I love having my nails done in Poland (great service at a great price!) and this time I went for pointy ones. Funny enough, they seem to match my new necklace :)

Here's a close-up on my hairstyle. What do you think?

It feels awesome to get into light and bright clothes after a long winter and white always makes me happy. And these white sunglasses that I got as a gift at a YouTube event finally came handy :)

And here's my other "happy" puffer jacket. I gravitate toward yellows more and more these days :)

Let me know what you think about this look in the comments below and enjoy spring time!!



  1. Fajny warkocz, niestety moje włosy są jeszcze za krótkie na takie szaleństwo ;). Kolor włosów masz śliczny- zawsze chciałam mieć jaśniejsze ale jak widzę nienaturalne odcienie blondu dostępne w sklepach to mi się odechciewa ;) a o rozjaśnianiu nie ma mowy (prostowanie rozjaśnionych włosów masakrycznie je niszczy a całkowicie z prostowania nie zrezygnuję) . Cieszę się bardzo, że podoba Ci się manicure wykonany w Polsce, może odkryjesz inne "urodowe" miejsca które Cię zachwycą. Pozdrawiam, Karolina

  2. Hi beautiful! I've just found your channel and very impressed with your informative and very helpful videos. I feel we have so much in common, you remind me of myself, I too have fine hair, yet like in your hair story.... Have dreams of a full lustrous head of hair! Your such a pleasure to watch, and I luv your accent, I'm from the U.S. sometimes I miss a word because your voice is really soft I just turn up the volume:)

    Please keep up the wonderful work, it's like I'm unlocking hair secrets that were hidden in a vault from the commoners lol! Every tip matters and your knowledge is so appreciated, I absorb it like a sponge. Thanks for everything and keep on keepin on!

  3. There is a video for this braid?

  4. Hi Lilith! I love all your hairstyles! Just wondering if you ever did a tutorial for this style?


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