May 21, 2015

Ponytail a la Beyonce, reversed braid and navy look

Version francaise   Русская версия

Hi guys! Until I saw Beyonce's look at Met Gala 2015, I never thought that high  side swept ponytails could be such a fun style to wear. I decided to try it out combined with an upside down braid at the back. Unlike Beyonce's ponytail that is sleek and curled, mine is big and messy :) That's how I like for casual wear!

For the ponytail I used my Glam Time hair extensions and you can watch my hair tutorial to learn how to attach them.

And as far as the braid is concerned, it's a reversed version of the braid from the following video, you only need to swap the french braid for a dutch braid. For that, you need to place the outer strand UNDER (not over!) the middle strand.

So here are some different angles of the look :)

Today I'm wearing:
Top: Motivi
Shorts: Terranova
Shoes: Geox


  1. Uwielbiam to uczesanie :D. Ostatnio co drugi dzień się tak czeszę- zmieniam tylko warkocz i raz robię z duńskim a raz z francuskim ;). Jest łatwe do wykonania a do tego bardzo wygodne- zwłaszcza na coraz cieplejsze dni. Pozdrawiam, Karolina

  2. Wow! This ponytail suits you so much! I like wearing braid ponytails like yours or like these ones . Such hairstyles make you feel more self-confident and attractive.


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