May 17, 2015

My 1st cooking class: THAI food in Maison de la Thailande


Hi guys!

What's your favorite kind of food? For me, it's Thai! I discovered it when I moved to Paris and I got totally obsessed with it, especially with curries...

Recently I took my very first cooking class in Maison de la Thailande in Paris (you can click here to discover their offer, in French) and I thought I'd share with you what it was like :)

The menu we were cooking consisted of my all time favorite meals: Green curry, Phad Thai and sticky rice pudding with mango. The most difficult part was waiting until the end to be able to finally dig in... But waiting was totally worth it - my very first Thai food turned out to be delicious!

Our group consisted of ~10 people and each of us got a stand with all the tools and ingredients prepared for us to get started.

The knife on the following picture.... it's something I NEED to have in my life ASAP! After I tried it out, I realized that all my life I've been using wrong knives! I remember I had a Chinese friend who brought his own knives to Italy from China, and I always wondered why... Now I know! These knives are just so much more efficient!

I'm spying on my neighbor.... Even though we got notes with recipes and instructions to follow. The Chef explained everything very well, but it's always nice to have a recap.

And that's what my name is spelled like in Thai!!! I was so excited to find out :)))) Pretty, huh?

Below you can see some of the ingredients for the Green Curry and Phad Thai.

So let's begin! :)

The cooking lesson started from the mango rice pudding since it takes the longest time to cook. That's when I started to drool... For the following 1.5 hours I was struggling with my appetite - it got totally out of control!

Next we moved on to the curry. I learned a lot of tips from the lovely Chef and realized that for my entire life I was cooking curries wrong. The right way of cooking a curry is much faster and easier than I thought :) And I was also quite surprised to find out that you need to add a tea spoon of sugar and 3 table spoons of oil per portion of a green curry! These "secret ingredients" make it taste amazing but I guess I'll reduce their amount in my own version (I'm still counting those nasty little calories!).

OK, it's now official. My phone takes the worst selfies. EVER. Don't get Samsung Galaxy if you plan to take selfies. WHY DIDN'T I GET AN I-PHONE?!?! Anyway, thought I'd show my face in this post and that was the only way lol
TADAM!!! Finally, the best part of the event.... our candle light dinner with wonderful decorations: radishes and carrots carved into flowers.

My curry ended up a bit too sweet (I teamed up with a girl and when I work in a team, I get anxious and cannot think straight, so we made a mistake of putting more sugar than we were supposed to) yet I loved it loads nevertheless :))) And look at my Phad Thai - doesn't it look like it was cooked by a pro?!?! haha.... Apparently I didn't make the sauce properly and the noodles got stuck together more than intended, but I learned my mistake and won't make it next time ;)

I also got a bag of ingredients to take home and to re-try everything once again :) I already cooked the green curry for my boyfriend and he said it tasted delicious and authentic. Yaaay! :))))

And how about you? Did you ever take a cooking class? What kind of food would you like to learn to cook? Me, I still need to improve my steak cooking skills... Any tips? :)

Have a wonderful day!


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