May 05, 2015

Summer look in reds and golds with a maxi skirt

Here's another look of the day in Qatar. Here it's all about covering knees/shoulders, so I finally get a chance to wear my maxi skirts which look a bit weird in busy urban Paris. When it comes to maxi skirts, I feel like they make people look a kind of "mature" so I like to mix them with relaxed "frivolous" tops. This way the entire look appears less serious and more fun.

As far as my shoulders are concerned, in public places I usually cover them with a scarf that I always carry around :) I do not consider it a part of my look, just a cover-up lol

Hair tutorial on my dutch braid:
Hair extensions:
Sunglasses: Bijou Brigitte
Top: Camaieu
Skirt: Club Monaco
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: a small local shop

And this must be the most refreshing fountain I ever saw. They should build more of them around the world! :))) I kept on coming back for more and more water till my hair got totally wet :)

 I quite like the deep cuts in this skirt, because they are very well placed - normally you cannot see them (the skirt flows without exposing your legs too much), but when you want to strategically "activate" them (for photos, or when you sit down), you can do it! :)

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