May 14, 2015

Romantic look in Qanat Quartier, Doha


Hey guys! Today I'd like to show you a bit of Qatar, namely the amazing Qanat Quartier (QQ) in Doha. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it - it makes you feel like you're in Italy! It's freshly built and hardly anyone lives there yet, so the streets are empty, perfect for taking pictures and breaking the dress code lol

The hairstyle I'm wearing in these photo is my first attempt to create the twisty look that I've shown in my recent hair tutorial that you can watch below. In the video I "improved" this hairstyle by twisting less hair and adding some loose strands in front :)

As far as the outfit is concerned, I'm wearing my all time favorite dress from Patrizia Pepe - not something I'd wear in Qatar's public places (here it's recommended to cover your knees and shoulders), but since QQ remains a "ghost city", I went for it :) The bag is from Michael Kors and it matches... my pedicure :))) ...and QQ's architecture itself, obviously :)))))  The shoes are some super comfortable platforms from a local store - my favorite summer compromise between heels and flats. I generally try to avoid flats yet heels are also not my first choice neither since they are so uncomfortable and make me appear the tallest person in the room ...which is not necessarily my goal lol

In the very last photos you can see that I've put my hair into a side swept braid - something that turns this hairstyle from classic to ultra-trendy :) If you try it out, show me your results on Instagram with @LilithMoonLife #LilithMoonHair :)



  1. Jepense que tu es une des plus douées pour faire des belles coiffure !!

  2. It think the first version didn't need any improvements :) It's stunning!

  3. ii really want to meet u :(


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