August 17, 2015

Destination Paradise: Maldives


Maldives is a country of exotic islands in the Indian Ocean. For me, Maldives is the definition of Paradise - a perfect location for a honeymoon or just a romantic escape from reality. There are over 100 resorts located on tiny islands miles away from civilization and even though the trip to get there from Paris takes over 20h (by 3 planes), it's totally worth it! Warning: after you visit Maldives, you might not want to go anywhere else again, so save it for the last :)) 

I vlogged about my trip on my Snapchat LilithMoonLife and then I used my footage in my YouTube video, so feel free to check it out :)

This what you can expect to see from the tiny sea plane that takes you to your resort.

Welcome to paradise :)

There are two types of villas on the island: beach villas and water villas. We usually prefer water villas since they give us much more privacy and direct acces to the water and coral (perfect for snorkeling!). I'm not really a beach person in terms of tanning (the is plenty of beach space for everyone all around the island), so I prefer have a private terrace for watching the stars at night that come with stairs that bring me directly to the ocean. I also loooove the walk from the island to our water villa as you get to look at all the exotic fish (including baby sharks!) whilst walking along the jetty.

...and here's our beautiful cosy water villa... and a couple of fishies that are already waiting for their bread :)

...and this is our terrace.

...and finally me feeling like a mermaid :)

My boyfriend's face when he saw this was priceless... and when he found out it was a mascara he was all "WHY?!?!" The claim is indeed strong haha... but it's definitely the best mascara I ever had!

Fish feeding is one of my favorite things to do :)

Who can spot a baby shark?!?!

Mr. Heron-The-Bird is literally everywhere I go... not sure what he's up to, because every time I see him he's always doing the very same thing - stands and stares :)

 Ok, sometimes he also airs his armpits :))

And this is one of the lovely beaches - pretty empty most of the time, perfect for couples who want to enjoy their time together ;)

Let's celebrate vacation life! :))

There are 2 restaurants on the island with plenty of outdoor seating and our favorite place to have a lunch/dinner was either this terrace by the water or a table on the beach.

Surprise surprise! :))) 

Another thing I loooove doing on vacation is watching sunsets... Soooo relaxing! 

I can never get enough of this beautiful ocean color...
Someone called it "50 shades of blue", I like to call it perfect!

We spent a lot of time snorkeling right in front of our water villa and diving around a nearby coral reef. These are the "dhoni" boats that were taking us to our diving locations.

For the last night we couldn't resist the temptation and booked a romantic cinema for two on the beach. Loved it!

There were also a couple of stormy days that I still enjoyed. I think I even preferred them to "normal" sunny days! Simply because it's cooler with clouds and I like to swim in the warm water when it rains :))

The quality of this photo isn't that great (it's a still from a video) but the colors are so impressive!

Coming back from a double dive! Yaaaay!

Finally some pics of my hairstyles. 
I didn't wear much makeup so most of my photos are taken from the back lol

That's what happens when I ask my boyfriend to take an artist shot, "not like that other couple" :) Please don't tell me this pose is already taken too!

Many hugs,


  1. What a paradise indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! I wish I could go there for my honeymoon :)

    1. It's definitely worth it :) Couldn't think of better place!

  3. Amazing place! The color of the water is unreal! We are currently planning our trip to Maldives for our honeymoon so I was excited when I saw your post.Great pics.

    1. Thank you so much! Enjoy your stay in Maldives!

  4. How perfect, I wish I could go there too! But I'd be scared of sharks!

    1. Aww they're totally harmless, they're scared of you more than you're scared of them :) XO

  5. I want to go there before I die! <3

  6. The hairstyles are sooo beautiful. Could you please make a video for them all?

  7. Can we please see ur boyfriend... u are utterly gorgeous...i am sure u kno that already...

  8. U & ur hairstiles are amazing. Could u tell what hotel was it?

  9. Sandra from GermanyAugust 30, 2015 at 10:44 AM

    Hello Lilith,

    Thank you for the awesome video and the lovely pictures. I am so jealous :) It truly looks like paradise.
    I only have one question: Did you also sometimes wear your clip-ins in the pool or ocean? I always wonder if that is at all possible. Are you still using the glamtime's?

  10. which island of Maldives is this?


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