September 29, 2015

All about white shorts...and birds! OOTD

Here's my outfit of the other day for a walk at La Defense near Paris. When it's sunny and warm, I just love to wear my white shorts! Denim shorts are always a great solution for a relaxed and casual look and white color instantly glams up the entire look and makes it appear chic without being over the top. To emphasize that feel I like to pair white short with a white top and the one with a huge bird print on it is one of my favorites! I just love everything about birds :D The weather in Paris is changing quite a lot throughout the day, so no matter how warm it's supposed to be during the day, you're never safe in the morning and in the evening without a jacket or a vest. Today I opted for a denim vest. Comfy white converse sneakers complete my look. At first I couldn't decide between white and blue sunglasses but finally went for blue ones :)

My hairstyle is a side swept version of this hair tutorial made on straight hair (and thus looking casual). The video tutorial is also embedded at the end of this post :)

Shorts: Terranova
Shirt: Bershka
Denim vest: Pull&Bear
Shoes: Geox

September 14, 2015

Bright mini dress + Denim vest OOTD

Hi guys!

Today I'm going to show you some of my favorite accessories and look of the other day in Poland. It was a *really* hot day, thus a super mini dress ;))) Normally I'd wear it as a top with leggings, but once in a blue moon, when it's really hot or when I find myself somewhere by the beach, I like to go for a bold mini. Paired with flat shoes and a casual vest, the entire outfit looks relaxed. Denim is really on trend these days and I'm enjoying it to the fullest. It's crazy how it goes great with pretty much any relaxed outfit giving it that modern, trendy yet effortless feel.

No wonder I love denim so much - blue is one of my favorite colors! You can find it my accessories: watch, bracelet and multiple rings. I have a huge weakness for bracelets with charms and finally I found a perfect JORD watch to go with my Ti Sento bracelet! The face of this watch is a gorgeous turquoise color while the bracelet is made of beautiful brown wood that not only complements the colors in my bracelet, but also matches many of my sunglasses and bags. I love how wood makes this watch really unique and contemporary. Check out the close ups further in this post! Here you can see one of my favorite bags (the one with rivets and fringe) and sunglasses (chic leopard and cute round pink ones).

When it's hot, I like to wear my hair up ... and we all have to agree that a fishtail is the queen of braids, so I simply cannot get enough of it ;) Tried to catch a bit of sunset in my hair, hope you like the artsie feel!

Watch: JORD - Cora (ladies automatic watch)
Bracelet: Ti Sento
Sunglasses: Bijou Brigitte (both leppard and pink)
Rings: Bijou Brigitte (they have nice sets of multiple matching rings)
Bag: C and A
Denim vest: Pull and Bear (by far the most tight fitting of all the vests I tried)
Dress/top: Calzedonia
Shoes: Bottega

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