November 30, 2015

Hollywood Waves hair stylers for texture and curls


Hi guys! You often ask me if I ever prepare my hair for styling and which products do I use. I do like to texturize my naturally staight/smooth/sleek hair to give some grip and volume and today I'll share with you my new favorite stylers: Hollywood Waves by L'Oreal Professionnel (from TECNI.ART series for professional hair styling). These products are ment to either
- add definition to natural curls/waves, or
- prepare straight hair for curling.
But guess what? I love to use these stylers directly on my straight hair even when don't curl it, simply to give it a lot of volume or make it easier to braid :) The hair volume in the below picture was achieved without any styling or blow drying. I simply applied "WAVES FATALES" gel onto my dampen hait, let it dry naturally and created a deep part at the end. Many for some of you this kind of a volume is nothing special, but for me and my very thin hair is's a kind of a XXL volume, right from the roots! :D

Over last couple of months I've been testing 4 different products from Hollywood Waves series and that's what I think about them.

My new favorite styler is WAVES FATALES gel. It's great for extra texture in my silky smooth hair, very lightweight and  easy to use. You simply need to spread a tiny bit of the product firstly on your palms and then on your towel-dried hair. Let your hair dry naturally or style it the way you wish - your hair will be full of volume and your curls will be very defined and long lasting (in dry weather only, no product can hold curls if it rains :p).
SIREN WAVES gel is also awesome, it's supposed to be lighter in texture and it can be applied right onto natural curls (on dry hair) to redefne them any time. Since my hair is straight, I didn't get to test it that way, I use it to simply add some texture and create frizz-free curls, especially when I curl my hair overnight with Jumbo Curlers

SPIRAL QUEEN is a mousse, not a gel, and while it gives my hair a nice texture (as long as I use just a tiny bit of it), I believe it's ment for dry hair, not for oily hair like my own. Or maybe it's ment for thicker hair that mine. Either way, it feels a bit too heavy on my naturally thin hair and leaves a kind of a film that I rather not have.

SWEETHEART CURLS is very lightweight spray that is supposed to help with keeping your curls and waves airy. I believe it's also ment to tame/redefine naturally wavy/curly hair and doesn't do much for straight/sleek/thin hair like my own. So can't tell you much about this one, only that it doesn't add much texture to my straight hair.

And how about you? What are your favorite styling products? Let me know in the comments mentioning your hair type as well :)


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