November 04, 2015

Huda Beauty lashes review

Hi guys! Today I'm testing Huda Beauty false eyelashes :) In the following pic I'm wearing falsies called Carmen and further in this post I'll show you 5 other designs. I love wearing falsies for photos, videos and whenever I have a special event to attend.

During my recent trip to USA organized by Too Faced I was really lucky to meet Huda and her sister Mona in person. If you love makeup and don't follow these girls on Instagram yet, make sure to check them out: Huda's Instagram + Mona's Instagram.  These girls are not just gorgeous and talented, but also very sweet, warm and fun. And to be totally honest with you, I don't often get to meet bloggers/vloggers who share all these qualities. Huda has kindly offered me some of her false lashes Huda Beauty and I since I got to test so many of them, I thought I'd capture them for a comparison. The following picture speaks for itself since you get to see all the falsies that I tested side by side:

I have to admit I made a mistake of not trimming Sophia and Claudia lashes at first (for some reason I assumed it wasn't necessary) and now I see that they look a bit too long for my eyes. I always trim my falsies by ~2mm since otherwise they are a bit too long for my eyes. It's more flattering for my eye shape not to add lashes near the inner corners and all the other Huda Beauty lashes (with the exception for Sophia and Claudia ) are trimmed at the longer end.

The most dramatic lashes in terms of length are Sophia lashes, while the most dramatic ones in terms of thickness and Carmen lashes. Lana lashes are slightly more natural looking on my eyes yet still bring on a lot of drama. Sasha lashes are more pointy than the previous ones and I personally love that effect. Naomi lashes are my favorite ones - they combine lashes of different length making your eyes look really dolly. I find them the most natural looking on my eyes. Claudia lashes are the most discreet out of the Huda Beauty lashes that I got to try out, but on Huda's website I saw other designs that are much less dramatic, ideal for those who want to enhance their own lashes in a very natural way.

I was surprised how these lashes really change my face, especially Carmen! Until now I never got to try falsies that were that thick and I find wearing Carmen a great alternative for a dramatic liner and dark eye shadows altogether. While my eyelid stays nude (in terms of eye shadows), these lashes create a really graphic visual effect giving me a beautiful cat eye shape. Paired with a red lipstick (I used Melted Velvet from Too Faced), they bring on a real Old Hollywood feel. My hair was on a boho chic side that day, but I can already visualize myself wearing this makeup for a party with soft glamorous waves, Veronica Lake style ;)

Here come some more pics with Carmen lashes.


  1. Hi! Ur soo cute, beautiful hair styles & lot of words for your smile &looking....

    1. You are welcome. I watch ur vedio daily, & then use me. You learn easy step for us....

  2. They do change your eyes! Love this look on you!

  3. Carmen is my fave on you! :)

  4. Gorgeous you and gorgeous lashes! I also like Naomi most :)

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  6. You look so like Cristina Aguilera :-) lo ve the lashes!!!

  7. Pls pls pls tell me how can i order in pakistan???


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