December 18, 2015

Steampod flat iron. 50% smoother hair, 50% faster!


Welcome to the new generation of hair straightening! Today I'm going to review a brand new kind of a flat iron: Steampod by L'Oreal Professionel. As the name suggests, the key element is steam, providing a gentle innovative heat action whilst minimising heat damage to the hair.

L'Oreal claims that with a Steampod you'll see results that are up to 50% smoother and 50% faster compaired to a regular straightener, and I couldn't agree more with this claim! Personally, I find it *twice* faster to use and not only it straightens the hair, it turns it into silk! The first time I used it, I couldn't believe how awesome it was. And here I have to tell you that when it comes to hair products and tools, I'm *very* hard to impress!

Steampod was firstly introduced as a salon treatment, but now it's also available for home use. You can use it just like a conventional flat iron (to straighten or curl your hair) or in conjunction with the smoothing creams to achieve an anti-frizz smoothing effect that lasts for days, or to condition dry, damaged hair. Steampod is suitable for all hair types but those of you with big unruly hair will enjoy it most since it's exceptionally efficient in what it does and allows to significantly reduce hair straightening time.

My hair is naturally straight so I don't use Steampod on my own hair very often, only to "seal" conditioning serums once in a month (I use those from L'Oreal Professionnel specially designed for this purpose). BUT Steampod it my magic tool to revive my Glam Time human hair extensions. In the following pics you can see before and after pics.

That's the results on my 2-year old hair extensions that otherwise would need to be replaced with new ones. After-Before.

And now the results on my 4-year old hair extensions that I didn't even wear anymore and which are totally wearable right now. I think I'll trim them to the length of my own hair and will wear them for extra volume in my medium length hair (sometimes I don't need length, just volume).

It's worth mentioning that Steampod can be used to curl your hair, but you won't be able to get tight bouncy curls, only loose waves. You can also use it to flick out your ends and get a glamorous Hollywood hair look. The only disadvantage of Steampod that I notice is that it's quite bulky due to the fact that it works with steam. But taking into account it's extreme efficiency, I think it's totally worth having!


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