January 17, 2016

Let it snow! Snow white OOTD

Suddenly it has gotten super cold in Paris and the Louvre square makes me think of a snow rink! But they're still no snow! :(( Snow is something I really miss in Western Europe and hopefully my "snow white" outfit is going to attract it eventually ;)) Let's keep the fingers crossed for at least one snowy day in Paris this winter.

I'm wearing:
Hat: Rossman
Jacket: Mexx
Leggings: Promod
Shoes: GEOX


  1. Hello lilithmoon!! Im in Tijuana Mexico and we have cold and some rainy days, and accirding to the news we are expecting El Niño pretry soon ������ but no snow ����
    Have a great day!!

    1. Mexico must be so beautiful! <3
      Still no snow in Paris... I think it's going to be another winter with 0 snow lolol

  2. You look absolutely stunning! :-*


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