February 21, 2016

Black Chic: Sicilian Widow look

Hey guys! Today I'm posting another OOTD and I can't help but call this look a "Sicilian Widow" :)))

Midi dresses are back in style yet for some reason I had a problem finding a good one.  You can see them in magazines, but not many stores have nice flattering models. Finally I was lucky to get my
Racer Midi Dress from 2020AVE.com - it fits me perfectly and has a strategically placed lining which ensures smooth curves and hides all your little secrets ;)

Since last summer I've been on a quest for black lace up shoes and found my perfect pair on Public Desire. The model I'm wearing is called Mirella Stiletto

To complete my look, I only needed a statement necklace :) I totally fell for a gorgeous Art Deco inspired piece from the Happiness Boutique. The choice was really hard since they have soooo many items, all super trendy and beautiful. Happiness Boutique are simply awesome, because
- they offer free shipping (a very quick one too, I received my package after 4 days, sent from Berlin) - they also host bi-monthly giveaways - you can enter HERE for your chance to win a necklace or a pair of earrings.
- they have an awesome customer reward program where you have a chance to win gifts
Feel free to use my discount code "lilithmoon" to get 10% off your orders. Just insert the code "lilithmoon" at checkout to get a 10% discount for orders over 19 euros. It is valid until thne 8th of March.


  1. Hi ma'am(hope uh dnt mind me addressing uh... Uh lyk a teacher for me.. N in Indian culture teacher's hold a high place n respect.. So do uh for me... 😊)
    M greatly inspired by ur personality....balck suits uh a lot... Giving it a much formal n classic look....n of course can't forget to say anything about ur hairstyle... Is dat a messy French twist???would luv to know... N also a tutorial for it plzzzzzzzzzzzz...
    Lots of luv ❤

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