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Welcome to my blog!

I model for different hair salons, firstly in Milan and now in Paris. While participating in numerous shows, workshops and trainings where the latest trends in hair styling are presented by the top international stylists, I have an opportunity to learn new techniques and tricks.

In my spare time, I make videos to share my experience and knowledge with all you ladies. I'm doing quick and easy tutorials to help you achieve salon-like hairstyles at home.

Read my entire hair story on http://www.lilithmoon.com/2013/06/my-hair-story.html


  1. Hi Lilith,

    I'm following your videos since 3 or 4 month... You are so pretty and I love your style.
    Every day I try to use one of your different looks.
    I really wanna say thank you for this everyday help against badhairdays...

    Hugs from Germany


  2. Dear Lilith :) congrats on your blog:) I enjoy every minute of watching your videos:) Keep up the good work, gorgeous:) Have a lovely Autumn Ahead:)

    Love, Striving Beauty

  3. HI Lilith
    I found you on YouTube and your videos have really helped me start being braver with my hair. I was always a ponytail kinda gal. But you are a total inspiration! Thank you so much!
    Much Love

  4. I love your new blog and your hair tutorials are AMAZING. Most of them are my favourites :)AND you are really pretty :)

  5. Hi Lilith, thank you for helping us do hair, you are very nice.

  6. Thank you so much for all these kind words! X

  7. Hi Lilith,

    Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and your creative ideas about hairstyle. I am french, and you help me to be more stylish.
    With your video, it is easy to do it, thanks again for your passion;)

  8. Hello Lilith :D

    You're such a naturally gifted teacher- i've been able to follow all of your tutorials so easily, and i've never received so many compliments before! Thank you so, so much.

    Also, has anybody told you that you could be Gwen Stefani's younger doppelganger (especially in the rocker hairstyles)?

    Much love,


  9. Lilith,
    I just want you to know, that I would go MAD without your tutorials!!! You're a blessing!! Thank you!!!

  10. Thank you, Lilith, for being willing to share your tips and tricks with us. I'm glad to watch another girl with thin, fine, straight hair achieve some beautiful hair styles. I must keep watching and practicing...

  11. hey! i just found your posts on youtube, and so far i have watched almost all your videos, they are irresistible. you are extremely talented. thanks for great ideas.

  12. Lilith,

    I have a friend who is going to be in a wedding with me on Saturday, I know quite short notice, she has thinning hair due to Female Pattern Baldness, any suggestions for long thinning fine hair as far as hairstyles? I.e. Updo?

  13. I really really would like to know what music you use for the background in your recent videos, I absolutely LOVE it.

  14. Dear Lilith,

    I have to thank you for doing this video. As a freelance makeup artist for bridal n function, i have increase my income by doing hair. I have learn a lot from your video. all my customers are really happy with the result! they say it was really up-to-date and really beautiful! Thank you again Lilith. You really are my life saver! Lots of love and hugs from me!

    Elden from Kapit, Sarawak, Malaysia.

  15. Lilith,

    noone explains hairstyles better than you! I love it that you do it on your own hair and show all the steps giving background info, so we can see what it's like to do it oneself. And the videos are so nicely done!
    Thanks so much! I'll be coming back for more :)!

  16. hello lili
    i am learning lot from your video , thanks and i send one hug from argentina

  17. Hello,

    Thank you for your quick and easy hair tutorials. I have thin, straight hair and it's nice to learn some tricks from someone who's in a similar situation. You inspire me to actually do something with my not-so-interesting hair. :]

    -Brooke from Michigan, USA

  18. Hi Lilith
    I only found your youtube videos today but, having said that, I've spent ALL day watching them. I am absolutely in love with all your hair styles. I've never seen the point of subscribing to someone on youtube until now, you have become my first.
    I was wondering if you could do some up-do tutorials for girls with VERY long and curly hair like me(my hair reaches below my hips)
    Keep up the amazing work <3
    -Emily from Cape Town, South Africa

  19. Hi Lilith! I absolutely adore your hair styles. I have been watching your videos for close to a year now and I always get compliments on the styles that I try. Thank you for your beautiful styles that are so easy to recreate! Keep up the good work girl :)

  20. Salut ! Je suis Rahila. J'aime beaucoup toute les coifures que tu fais. Ils sont tous magnifique !!!!!!!
    ♥♥ I'm your fannnnnnnn !!!♥♥

  21. Hi, I think you should put post on Pinterest .... in section hairstyles, there are many post and we would like your input for people who use smartphones and tablets. Thank you. And I'm a fan of hairstyles! So I would love you to use this application.

    Att Diana from Spain

  22. Hi lilith . . .
    So you can speak italian too ??
    I really like your videos in youtube, because it seem hard to do, but when you explain everything seems so easy to do . . .
    Thank you very much for share your hairstyles on youtube . . . now I have different and cute hairstyles :)) thank you very much !! happy new year ^ ^

  23. Hi lilith,

    I'm facing problems when trying to log in the Glam Time Hair website.
    Can you please fix it as I wish to order?
    Second, how long will it take before receiving my order? And what is your return policy???

  24. Hello Lilith
    First off I'd like to say how much I love your videos and all the hairstyles. The step by step explanations make it easy for anyone to style their hair.
    I'd also like to compliment you on your stunning beauty. Your hair, eyes and smile make for the likes of a princess that every girl has dreamed of. Your accent was also a pleasant surprise! ^.^
    I was wondering though... do you know of any similar hairstyles for tailbone length hair? After growing it out for years (from very short hair) chopping it all off just isn't gonna happen! LOL Its been repeated since woman was first created. A woman's hair is her crown. It naturally seems that if your hair is longer you should be able to do more with it, right? Perhaps the majority of women (and long haired gentlemen) opt for easier options and settle for less. I honor free will and respect everyone's decisions but I won't settle for easy. ( not anymore atleast) No pain no gain! :D
    Best wishes to you and yours throughout the new year!

  25. hello, j'ai posté un commentaire sur une de tes videos de youtube mais il me marque sans cesse un message d'erreur donc je le (re) post ici.

    (de yuna0chan)

    J'adore ce tutoriel, il est super et très facile.

    J'aime beaucoup ce type de coiffure à la fois simple, élégant et pratique.

    sinon j'avais une requête, je suis tombée sous le charme d'une coiffure dans un anime (Umineko no Naku Koro ni) plus précisément de la manière dont un des perso principaux fait ses cheveux (Béatrice la sorcière dorée), je n'arrive pas a trouvé une bonne façon de reproduire (a peu près) la même chose. Peut tu voir si tu sais en faire une vidéo ?

    voici les liens vers des images d'elle comme ça tu peut te faire une idée :
    http://www.zerochan.net/1330153 - http://www.zerochan.net/900439 - http://www.zerochan.net/429444 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3trHcO2NB0

  26. You are my mom lilith :)

  27. Lilith, thanks so much for your informative tutorials! I've gotten a lot of great ideas from you and I feel like I have more options with my long hair now, especially on days when it just doesn't want to cooperate!


  28. Ciao Lilith, sono italiana, Monica. Ho capelli lunghissimi, purtroppo dritti! Seguo da poco i tuoi blog, a parte il fatto che sei bellissima, voglio farti i miei complimenti per aver fatto di una passione il tuo futuro. Cerco di fare qualche acconciatura come le tue, purtroppo non ho tanta pratica a causa dei miei capelli dritti, lisci, che sfuggono dalle dita. Ci sono video che parlano di questo? Grazie, un abbraccio, Monica.

  29. hi
    lilith i am a very big fan of u and your hairstyles i love the way u make it.....now let me say something about your beauty you are so much beautiful just like a Prices...now something shocking i saw all of your beautiful hairstyles now more shocking i have never tried them on my hairs cause my hairs are longer then you thinner then yours and they are black so plz help

  30. plz reply about that post cause i am waiting for that lots of love

  31. Thank you all very much for your kind feedback, it means a lot!

    I do my best to share my hair styling tips as good as I can, but it is practice that make perfect, so keep trying, and you'll get there! xxx

  32. coucou Lilith,
    j'ai vu tes video! supeerrr!! c'etais mon hobby mais je savais pas que je peux me faire toute seule toutes cettes coiffures ! mais tu m'a beaucoup inspiree et je ne le trouve pas difficile a les faire! un grand merci!
    p.s: comment on peux parler???
    voici un album avec ton nom ;) https://www.facebook.com/mary.teodoraurdu/media_set?set=a.576912325680210.1073741826.100000843439119&type=3

  33. Lilith, I just love your hair styling videos. Im an actress and model and every time i have an audition i try on of your looks and everyone always asks where i get my hair done and they never believe me that i do them myself. You are wonderful and so beautiful. One of the best things you have shown me is lots of ways to give my hair volume, my hair is like yours, thin and flat. I also do have a question, I'm thinking of saving up my money to get some extensions from Glam Time, my hair is an odd color, i die it frequently at home. Its Burgundy, to be specific its, Revlon 48. I was wondering if you think i should just get something dark and die it the same color or if i should get the Black and add some definition to my hair? Again, love you and your videos.

    Love, Whisper

  34. @Whisper Yar: thank you for your kind feedback! I think it's a matter of your personal taste. if that's your style, black strands might look very interesting with burgundy hair! but in case you'd like to match your own hair exactly, the best thing would be to get extension in a lighter color and then get them toned down. because it's quite easy to tone down human hair used in the extensions, while it's not recommend to bleach them. xxx

    @Marinela Teodora Urdu: thank you so much! wow I just looked at your hairstyles and they are all so beautiful, congratulations on doing such a great job!!

  35. Hi, can you also do a video on http://mimitaylor.blogspot.com/2012/12/diy-high-chigon.html

  36. Im really thankfull to you lilith... I saw almost all of your videos... You very creative,amazing and awesome... I learnt alottt from your videos.. You show the tutorials very clearly and i am able to understand them very quick... Im very much intrested in hairstyling... And by seeing your videos i have improved hairstyling quality in me... Im doing good hairstyles and my friends are wondering how am i able to do all of them so good... As im gifted with that quality of hairstyling... And specially because of your tutorials im able to do that...
    Taking you as inspiration... Even i want to start a youtube channel.. :)
    I really love to see your videos...
    Thankyou sooo much and love you :-*:)

  37. Oops... My name got displayed as P.. For my pervious comment...

    Anyways... I would love to know that you know me as your fan.... :D

  38. I was just wondering what your first language is??

    Oh I do love your youtube vids as well - I have learnt so much esp as my hair has been growing out from ear length to down to just below my shoulder blades.
    Thanks for all the work you out into you videos!

  39. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos! I am so happy to see that you are collaborating with CGH! I have been following the both of you for a long time! My 7 year old daughter and I can pretend that we are in Paris getting our hair done with you! She also very much enjoys the videos with your sweet birds! Thanks so much for all of your work and time that you put into your tutorials! Many blessing to you from Chandler AZ USA

  40. Hey Lilith.
    I love the styles you've shared! I was wondering if you have anything for people with short shoulder length hair? Or anything for toddlers. Many thanks and Blessings to you from El Mirage AZ USA

  41. Hey...You should go by my blog and leave some comments..Thanks for reading this.

  42. I love your blog Lilith,keep us updated!

  43. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  44. Hoiiiiiiii from Laura i just wann to say that i love your Videos and to ask you I'm usIng castor oil in my eyelasches before sleeping but van i use the mascara on the dayyyy????

  45. I am following you from 1 year. I want you as my friend in pinterest. My name Priyanka U.I will invite you in my boards.

  46. I am not unknown

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