Here I'd like to answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive every day and find difficult to re-answer each time :) Hope these answers can be useful for you, and if you think there's something else I should add to this FAQ, please let me know! :)

About me

  1. What is your natural hair color? Dark ashy blonde (level 6.1).

  2. What is your hair type? My hair is straight and very thin. For extra length and volume required for hairstyles, I'm wearing my Glam Time clip-in human hair extensions available on www.GlamTimeHair.com. In this tutorial I talk about them in detail and share my blending and styling tips and tricks. My hair is super flat and doesn't get frizzy, so I don't do anything to make it frizz-free.
  3. How do you dye your hair? Till recently, my hair was professionally bleached and then toned in a salon every 4-5 weeks using L'Oreal products, and I strongly discourage to bleach hair at home. One, it's very difficult to get a nice result. Two, it's highly dangerous and can cause unfixable damage. Recently I toned my hair pink and one of these days I'll be writing another post about it.
  4. Which products do you use on your hair? I discussed them in one of my previous posts. Please check it out and perhaps add your own post :) Btw, my hair doesn't get frizzy, so I don't do anything to make it frizz-free.
  5. How did you get into hair styling? Check out my hair story.
  6. Where are you from? How come you speak so many languages? I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My first language is Russian and so's my accent :) Before moving to France where I currently live, I studied in Poland and in Italy, so that's how I leared all the 6 languages that I speak :) 

About hair styling

Check out My hair story to get inspired ;) In the last part of that post I talk about things that I consider the most important to get good in hair styling.
  1. My hair's thin/flat/straight/smooth, I have problems styling/securing/teasing it. What can I do? You need to find a good texturizing product that will make your hair way easier to style/tease. I've discussed my favorite texturizing products in this blog post. It's easier to style wavy or curly hair, so you may also want to prepare your hair for styling by precurling it with any tool of your choise. Here I liked some of my tutorials - overnight waves with braids, overnight curls with soft bendy curlers, overnight volume and soft curls with a bun, glamorous curls with a curling iron, curls with a straightener.
  2. My hair's thick/heavy, I have problems securing it. What can I do? Use a whole lot of *good* bobby pins. They should have the right size and hold for your hair, so test them before buying. Work on smaller and thinner sections. So for example if you see me securing half of my hair in one go, you should do the same procedure but on more and smaller sections. Use some good hairspray at the end. 
  3. How do I get my hair softer? Try to stay away from heat, mainly hair dryer and flat iron. Deep condition your hair with products for dry/damaged hair. To make these products more efficient, apply them on towel dried hair, put on a shower cap, wrap a towel over your head and leave it on for an hour or so. One you rinse your hair afterwards, you'll find it much smoother than before. Whenever I do it, my hair feel just like silk and I just cannot stop touching it lol Though I prefer to work with rougher hair, so I don't do it too often ;) 
  4. My hair is layered and I have problems achieving a neat result. What can I do? I'd recommend to choose curly/wavy hairstyles over the straight ones as curls naturally keep your hair together. In case of braids, you can get better results working on slightly dampened hair and using a light hairspray at the end. If your hair is not only layered but also very smooth, texturizing it with right products before styling should help keeping all the layers together, I've discussed my favorite texturzing products in this blog post.
  5. My curls don't last. What can I do? If you live in a humid area, then unfortunately there's not much you can do about it :( Our hair is all about thermal conditions and you can get long lasting curls only on totally dry days. Generally, the curls obtained with hair rollers last way longer than those obtained with a curling iron, they get even more defined if you use some styling mousse on your washed and tower dried hair. Curls obtained with a curling iron last way longer if you spray each section of hair with some good (rather light and definitely flexible) hairspray before curling it. One trick that works really good for me is the following: when I need to get glamorous curls with a curling iron, I firstly precurl my hair with hair rollers or with overnight braids, and only then transform those natural looking curls into glamorous ones using a curling iron just like I would do it on my straight hair. Somehow this way my curls last for ages! :)
  6. Can you show some hairstyles for short hair? I cannot *show* such hairstyles as my own hair is medium long (even without extensions), but many of my hairstyles can be easily adapted for shorter hair, especially those with styling focused at the top/sides of your head. Just go through my videos and see what works best for your length and volume.
  7. Can you show some hairstyles for people with bangs? Even though I cannot *show* such hairstyles as I don't have bangs, most of the looks that I show can be worn by people with bangs. Just style your bangs as you normally do, and the rest of your hair according to my video :)
  8. Can you show more hairstyles for thinner medium length hair without extensions? In half of my videos I use hair extensions for that extra length and volume, while the other half is done directly on my thin medium length hair. Just go through my videos and see what works best for your length and volume ;) 
  9. Can you show more hairstyles for thicker/longer hair with extensions? See my answer to the previous question.
  10. Can you recommend a look for me or tell me which hairstyle should I wear for a [special occasion]? Due to high volume of messages that I receive, I am unfortunately unable to recommend a specific look for you. You can always check out the "wall photos" gallery on my facebook page with links to corresponding tutorials. You need to find such a hairstyle that will make you feel comfortable and confident wearing it. Experiment with your hair and find what suits you best. My videos and here to give you options, but the choice is only yours! :)
  11. Can you recreate this look for me? before [date]? Due to extremely high volume of requests of this nature, I can take only very few selected ones. I consider all requests when I plan my future videos and I am very thankful for all the beautiful and inspiring photos that you send me, but I always have plenty of things scheduled and queued up much in advance, so I cannot commit to any deadlines. If the look that you request seems wearable, self-doable and it is not too similar to one of the looks that I've already shown, it's possible that one day I'll make a video on the hairstyle that you request.


  1. Can you speak something in polish in your video?
    I'm Polish and I want to listen when you speak my language :)

  2. my hair color is medium brown how can i change it to color exact like yourth

  3. Hi Lilith, I am the new, proud owner of glamtime dark blonde (18) hair extensions. I am a natural blonde, with occasional highlights but haven't had any, for a while. So my own hair is rather mousy looking. Anyhow, to my horror the extensions seem to have a real red undertone. In artificial light they seem to blendok, but in daylight it is a complete different story. Can you recommend any product, dye, colouring (brand) to get rid of the red tones in the extensions to make them match better? I can't really go to a professional hairdresser, as I don't really speak the language that well yet, and I prefer to do it myself. Thanks :)

  4. I have recently added pink highlights to my real hair using the human hair extensions as my hair are sensitive and do not react well to hair color.

  5. can you add some indian hairstyles for wedding!

  6. Your hot as Hell, so stop trying to prove it and get a side job as a stylist. YOU asked...

  7. Здравствуйте, недавно открыла ваш канал для себя и теперь вдохновляюсь вашими образами каждый день. Я недавно нашла фото Пикассо и Брижжит Бардо с интересной прической. Буду очень признательна, если вы объясните, как ее можно воспроизвести. С уважением, Оксана

  8. Thank you so much for the videos. We are watching them through the XBOX 360. My daughter is 14 and it's her first Home Coming. She has a date and it's all planned out. The one issue was what to do with the hair. My wife started watching your YouTube videos and bingo. Beautiful. Thank you so much. We really appreciate it - From Orlando Florida - USA

  9. Could you please make a video on how to tie a square silk scarf so that it would keep in place and not slip all the time ? I really enjoyed your video on how to tie scarves but those were all long...thank you very much !

  10. I have a wedding coming up and I am a bridesmaid. What hair style should I do? I like a lot but cant figure out which one I want

  11. I wanna become hair designer or stylish like you so can you suggests me plz..??

  12. Im your big frd.. im learning your hair stlyes since im in class 10th now im doing beautician but my goal is become hair designer or hair stylish. Sometime I do my own hairstyle from your videos I got alot of knowledge.. also I got good comments from my teaches about hair styles that I show them used to tell them about your videos.. really thank you..

  13. i am a big fan of your tutorials ....

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